It can be tough to admit, but if you’re feeling lonely there are simple, positive steps you can take to lessen it, says Wendyl Nissen. Loneliness is not something I ever thought I would experience, but in recent years we’ve become great friends.| Admitting that you are

Jolly up your holidays and head off any stress with these 50 timely tips and tricks. Although Christmas is typically a time of joy, giving, light and laughter, it may not symbolise fun and games for everyone. As we approach our first ‘normal’ Christmas in two

Words Rose Stobie Each of us is born with a level of happiness unique to us. It varies from person to person and is neither right nor wrong, it just is. Professor Sonja (Sofya) Lyubomirsky from the University of California has found that data shows we do

Nestled in the serene landscape of Kerikeri, Bay of Islands, is a brand that stands at the intersection of herbalism, skincare and perfumery, offering a holistic approach to self-care and natural wellness. Pantheon Apothecary is not just a brand with a commitment to sustainability, quality and

Your questions about how to use essential oils answered by Absolute Essential founder Dr Bo Hendgen. Thank you for your questions! We have been overwhelmed by the response and apologise that we cannot print all of them here. The good news is we have published them

Have you ever noticed how, when you’re outdoors immersed in the natural world, you feel energised and invigorated? This relationship with nature is vital to our wellbeing as our modern lifestyles draw us further and further away from it. Spending time in the garden is one

Your ultimate guide to skin confidence. Blending the power of clinically proven botanicals with scientific know-how, Skinsmiths is redefining skincare with a unique range that's accessible to all. A healthy complexion is the key to facing each day with confidence, and Skinsmiths is dedicated to supporting

Driven by a deep passion for the environment and the great outdoors, Koa Organics Skincare founder Michelle Brittain embarked on a mission to craft naturally inspired skincare products that are 100 per cent pure and organic. Using soothing magnesium body formulations and a range of

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