Ask Dr Bo – Your Questions About Essential Oils Answered

Dr Bo Hendgen is founder and CEO of Absolute Essentials.

Dr Bo is an Edmund Hillary Fellow, member of the Climate Restoration Group, Registered Medical Council Osteopath, Naturopathic Physician and an Aromatic Medicine Practitioner.

Your questions about how to use essential oils answered by Absolute Essential founder Dr Bo Hendgen.

Absolute Essential - First Aid Essentials.
Absolute Essential – First Aid Essentials.

Q: I’d like to build up a basic, natural first aid kit for my family. What essential oils / products might you recommend starting with? Sonya

A: I applaud your interest and commitment to take responsibility of your family’s primary healthcare as in my humble opinion this is the only way we can take pressure off the struggling healthcare system. We have completed a webinar on family health care which you can find a recording of on our website however, let me give you a few tips to get you started.

Firstly, the First Aid super stars: Lavender True, Peppermint, Tea Tree – I’ll never go anywhere without. Lavender True is a First Aid Kit in a bottle for scrapes, bruises, burns, wounds, stress, sleep, the list goes on. Peppermint is so good for easing common discomforts, anything from headaches to travel and motion sickness. And of course, Tea Tree as a disinfectant of anything which needs it. It could be used in hand wash, wound cleansing and in its function of protecting us.

If you are preferring already made blends I recommend something uplifting like Absolute Essential Uplift and / or Confidence, something for respiratory conditions like Breathe Well or Inhale and of course blends to calm the mind and assist a good night’s sleep like Tranquility and Deep Sleep.

For little ones I recommend having Baby Breathe – any respiratory conditions from sniffles to coughs and Child Immune Care to build strong children with a healthy immune system. Oh and of course, Sleep Easy to assist with a restful night’s sleep and sweet dreams.

As for carriers I recommend you have some Aloe Vera gel, keep it in the fridge for that cooling effect on burns or sunburn and Calendula oil which is a super-efficient healer for most skin conditions and a simple organic Almond oil for massage.

Hope that gets you started and I wish you and your family the best of health.

Absolute Essential - Certified Organic Lemon Essential Oil.
Absolute Essential – Certified Organic Lemon Essential Oil.

Q: I’d love some help with a concoction of essential oils to help me with my mental health. I struggle with anxiety and depression; I have been on medication for years and also exercise when I can. But I’d love to know some essential oils that can help me feel balanced, calm and uplifted. Hayley

A: Kia Ora Hayley, thank you for your question. Medicinal grade essential oils are mind food in a bottle. They can affect you so easily emotionally not only with an uplift but also calming, affecting your confidence or sense of joy. They are the only medicine you can apply directly to the brain with many versatile application methods.

For your selection of essential oils think of the citrus family when you like to be uplifted. Organic Lemon essential oil for me is like drinking a cool lemonade on a hot summer day. Organic Orange Sweet essential oil is harmonising, and if you need a bit of a confidence hit reach for Lime essential oil. However, on the other spectrum to calm your anxiety when it catches you, I think of essential oils which calm your nervous system like my favourites Chamomile Roman, Sandalwood and Frankincense or the absolute must have Lavender True.

You could combine these in two blends – one when you feel depressed and the other when you feel anxious. We also need to consider your medication – during this process you may start feeling the benefits of the essential oils and need to consult a health professional who can assist you in adjusting your medication. The mind is complex, and we humans are all different. I do hope this gives you a glimmer of hope. Wishing you the best of health.

Absolute Essential - Certified Organic Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil.
Absolute Essential – Certified Organic Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil.

Q: I would like to know the best recipe for homemade hand cream or lotion for normal to dry skin using essential oils. Kristine

A: A great question. In my experience people expect different things from hand creams. Some like a light cream which disappears quickly, others like a thick cream which stays around a while, and I have friends who use a hand cream purely for the pleasant scent. If you like a rich cream which suits your dry hands think of using ingredients like Avocado oil, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and Jojoba oil rather than any petrochemical derived ingredients as these will dry your hands even more.

Regarding your choice of essential oils, choose something you like, maybe Lavender Sweet, Geranium and Cedarwood. This makes a lovely combination. Avoid Citrus essential oils due to an ingredient (coumarin) which may cause brown spots on the skin when exposed to sunlight (phototoxicity), which I assume your hands might be.
Overall have a play and enjoy.

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