When people think of resilience what often comes to mind is mental strength or grit. However, resilience is multi-faceted, and you can become your most resilient self by bolstering each type. Your resilience comes into play during times of stress, and when the unexpected happens,

As we head into Christmas, many of us will be cooking for others and entertaining. How can you help it all go smoothly? 1. Ask, don’t assume. I’ve been vegan for more than a decade so I have lots of experience being that person who is difficult

There are numerous strategies to improve your eating habits. Here I’ll suggest five. Choose whichever you have the most affinity with, and that fits into your lifestyle. Rather than trying to incorporate all these ideas, pick one to start and possibly expand to using two

Home should be a refuge, a safe cocoon you can return to after you’ve been out in the world. To make it more so, try these strategies. Solve pain points that cause arguments or stress. At my house, our remote control always went missing – including down

In our culture, the value of pleasure is sometimes underestimated. But sources of pleasure, such as our hobbies, aren’t just the opposite of work. Rather, they provide numerous benefits that promote psychological health and help us build a good life: Providing novelty We can’t change careers too

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