Illustration by Bridget Daulby Broths were traditionally made from animal carcasses and bones. An ancient Scottish tradition, called “passing the knuckle” involved villagers putting a beef knuckle bone in water on the wood burner overnight.  The bone would stew overnight in the water and in the morning the

In early 2020 the world changed. With it, my world changed. The seven-week lockdown was the longest I’d been at home in eight years and I think like many others, it was an opportunity to re-assess and re-position how I wanted my life to be.

The future lies in personalising your diet, says Good's nutrition columnist Ben Warren I think fad diets will be around for a while yet, and they do help people change their eating habits (when it comes to rethinking your diet, the hardest thing to do is actually

When people talk about ‘gut health,’ they are really talking about having a healthy digestive system. Your digestive system is essentially a tube 20-30ft long that is comprised of different compartments with different roles. Starting at the top is the stomach, where your body makes

It probably comes as no surprise that the most common birthday in New Zealand is 29 September. With ten of the most common birthdays occurring between 22 September and 4 October, it seems “summer loving” is alive and well.  But for many modern couples, fertility is a

Illustrated by Bridget Daulby Whether you want to live a long time or simply feel better, maintaining your hormones is key.   We have over 50 different hormones, coordinating mood, digestion, energy, menstruation, fertility and more. But unfortunately, as we age, often these hormones can decline and our

Illustration by Bridget Daulby If your eyes are the window to your soul then your skin is the window to your health. Our skin is our largest organ and can reflect whole-body health, often showing issues and imbalances from deeper inside.  Things such as inflammation (dermatitis), autoimmune

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