Illustration by Bridget DaulbyBen Warren is a nutrition and holistic health expert and founder of BePure.There's no doubt about it – the female hormonal system is incredibly complex.However, the good news is, supporting its balance – both for fertility, and just wellness in general – can actually

Ben Warren is a nutrition and holistic health expert and founder of BePure.For anyone force-fed fish oil as a child, a daily dose of omega-3 can feel like a rather scarring memory. But like many things, the older we get the more we realise our parents or

Illustration by Bridget DaulbyHormones are chemical messengers that form incredibly complex systems throughout our body. These systems control us physiologically and psychologically, facilitating everything from reproduction to falling asleep at night. While males and females have mostly similar hormones, the cycles and amounts of these hormones

Photo by Vika Aleksandrova on UnsplashBen Warren is a nutrition and holistic health expert and founder of BePure. Detox diets are generally short-term dietary interventions designed to eliminate toxins from your body, but do we need them, and are they safe? Our bodies are detoxifying constantly, but there is

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