Sarah Tuck
Editorial director
Good mag is lucky enough to have Sarah Tuck as its editorial director! She also happens to be the editor of Good’s sister publication, dish, and is a brilliant media strategist, cook, recipe creator, photographer, stylist, book author and creative with a great eye, and she brings tremendous passion to everything she does. Sarah’s recipes are a regular feature in Good.
Carolyn Enting
Carolyn started her career in journalism 30 years ago and has been editor of Good for eight of those and counting. A former fashion editor, she has always been passionate about the environment and sustainability, describing herself as “green with lipstick”. When she’s not working on Good she loves spending time with her partner on their small bush block at Te Akau Wharf near Raglan.
Lisa Anderson
Advertising manager
Asides from living and working in London for a few years, Lisa is a born and bred Aucklander. Her varied career has seen her work in everything from skincare to production on Fashion Week. She also happens to be Good’s advertising manager, where her favourite part of the job is meeting with clients and hearing about their products, services and business strategy.
Sally Huang
Senior designer
Sally is a senior graphic designer who has recently returned to Auckland after living in Australia for the past 10 years. She is the pawrent of Whisky the Shiba who has also joined the Good team – his paw print Where’s Whisky in every issue. She enjoys art, gaming and exploring various walks with her dog Whisky in the weekend.
Jessica Weale
Writer & content producer
Jessica is a passionate writer living on the West Coast of Auckland and a valued member of the Good team. With a love of travel, food and wine, she has travelled around the world experiencing many different cultures and cuisines and hopes to travel even further in years to come. Taking notes during her travels, she hopes to complete her own book about her experiences, encouraging others to step outside their comfort zone and explore the beauty of our planet. At home, you’ll find Jessica with her fur babies, Luna and Abu.
Emma Napper
Digital editor
Good’s digital producer Emma is originally from Southland, where she spent much of her childhood outdoors on a sheep farm – which ignited her love for the natural world. Her passion for the outdoors led her to pursue rowing, in which she excelled and earned a full scholarship to attend university in the United States. Emma is currently pursuing a Masters in Public Policy on a part-time basis while working at Good full-time. In her free time, she loves coaching rowing and discovering new places to explore.
Tamsin Morgan
Deputy editor
Tamsin is Good’s deputy editor and has worked in magazines across many lifestyle titles throughout her career. She loves to stay fit and active with running and Pilates. She also enjoys fishing (or rather boating with a bit of fishing) when the weather is good. She lives on the North Shore with her partner and two teenage daughters and fur baby Suki, the miniature schnauzer. In her spare time she’s dabbling in fiction writing and would love to one day have a novel published.
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