Photography Amanda Reelick, styling Sarah Heeringa The general lack of functional pockets in most women’s clothing is well documented and much lamented. As smart phones get bigger, we can end up awkwardly holding phones in our hands, dropping them or leaving them behind. One crafty solution

Photography, Jeremy Bishop, Unsplash Sacred sites at home and abroad offer spiritual refreshment and a renewed sense of self.  Iconic sites such as the Great Pyramids, Stonehenge, Machu Picchu, the Sistine Chapel and Angkor Wat have attracted an endless stream of visitors and pilgrims for religious, spiritual

Photography Yuki Sato, styling Sarah Tuck This is one of my favourite dishes because it doubles deliciously as a dip with homemade crackers and as a main curry with roti/paratha. Spicy and lusciously velvety, it’s the perfect light meal for a kapha dosha. Serves 4. INGREDIENTS

Growing up in Malaysia, Two Birds Beauty founder Jessie Gurunathan subconsciously absorbed Ayurvedic principles, including the use of Kansa metal, from her grandmother. In Tamil tradition, it’s believed there are marma points all over the body that correspond to the seven chakras (energy centres). There are

 Photography Joanna Walden The Tora Coastal Walk is one of those tantalising private walking experiences that is waved like a carrot in front of you for years until you can actually get a booking. Private rural accommodation, daily luggage transportation, delectable gourmet home-cooked meals from locally

Illustration by Bridget Daulby Your resilience partly comes from fixed or slow-changing features, like a strong social support network and being well-off, physically healthy and not predisposed to mental health challenges like depression. People with these advantages have an easier time accessing resources (like mentors or

Photography Amanda Reelick, styling Sarah Heeringa PRODUCED IN PARTNERSHIP WITH GOOD AND RESENE Spring is when we spruce up our outside spaces in readiness for some quality outdoor time. Almost anything can be successfully painted if you use quality paint products and correctly prepare surfaces beforehand. After

In June 2021 food-waste charity KiwiHarvest revealed that households in New Zealand are throwing away an estimated $1,259 worth of uneaten food each year. Furthermore, Kiwis produce on average 61kgs of food waste per person annually. As a key charity partner and supporter of KiwiHarvest,

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