Following the Government’s announcement on Monday 4 October that Auckland will continue to be in a form of Alert Level 3, the Auckland leg of Whānau Mārama: New Zealand International Film Festival 2021 has been cancelled. New Zealand Film Festival Trust Chair Catherine Fitzgerald said the

Ever feel like you have entertainment commitment issues? Hesitant to settle into a two-hour movie, but one 45-minute episode can so easily turn into a weekend-destroying binge? Want to avoid another fall down a YouTube conspiracy theory rabbit hole about why a certain fast-food chain’s

Main photo Walter Sturn on Unsplash According to health research bee pollen consumption can have major benefits for human health and wellbeing. These include relief of inflammation; working as an antioxidant to combat free radicals in the body; boosting liver health; strengthening the immune system; working as

Alchemy & Tonic lead a new generation of innovative tonics. Just a few decades ago, gin and tonics were considered rather boring, the drink of musty golf clubs. But those days are well and truly gone due to a boom in craft gin distilling—a ginaissance! There’s

Lockdown hits us all differently. Some of us can wake up at the crack of dawn for some morning exercise, others use their usual commuting time to make a super delicious breakfast, and some may take the extra time to lie in or start the mornings

Liam designer Emily Miller-Sharma has released her first collection in over a year and it’s zero waste! Miller-Sharma says she used the collection, which she has titled ‘Everything’ to investigate two areas where she thinks we can have influence, and need to be urgently addressed: production waste and

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