Reboot with a Japanese adventure mixing ancient and new. I’m looking out a train window as rice paddies, country houses and small towns flash by. The view is changing rapidly as we speed through the Hokuriku Shinetsu region on a shinkansen, one of Japan’s famous bullet

From issue 50. This never-fail cake recipe has made many birthday cakes over the years. It also happens to be vegan, which is handy when baking for others. The molasses and cocoa make the cake fabulously chocolatey and the combo of coconut cream, dark chocolate, and muscovado sugar is deliciously

From issue 59.Make your own delicious chocolates that are vegan and gluten-free, perfect for entertaining or giving as a special and edible gift for a friend or loved one.  Things you may need:  metal whisk  medium saucepan  a stainless-steel bowl that sits on top of the saucepan  baking tray baking paper  food

From issue 54.If you’re bored with your furniture, adding castor wheels is a fun and functional way to give things a lift. Attaching wheels to the bottom of an every day, or otherwise unremarkable, piece of furniture is an easy DIY craft project – and a

From issue 55.Use this trendy colour-blending effect to go from girly to glam. Sometimes we outgrow the look of an item of furniture before we outgrow the need for it. A compact chest of drawers is always a handy thing to have but over time they

From issue 55.A magazine rack is ideal for keeping books and magazines tidy as well as being a perfect spot to stash laptops, chargers and similar mess-making items that creep into the lounge.  You will need: · 220cm x 35cm of thick fabric such as thermal calico, canvas

From issue 59.Transform your hen house into a colourful garden feature – don’t be chicken about it. Just because it’s a chook house doesn’t mean it needs to be frumpy. With a fresh coat of paint you can give your hen house a fabulous new look

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