Styling Sarah Heeringa. Photography Amanda Reelick. Whip up your own smart working tunic or simple dress.  The Tessuti Apron is a one-size-fits-all cross-back tunic. The sewing level is easy to moderate. Use the pattern to make a practical smock or use a light fabric and cut extra

Styling Sarah Heeringa. Photography Amanda Reelick. Create a dramatic entrance using a red door.  Arriving home, a red front door signals the welcome and protection to be had inside. Red is invigorating and dynamic, a colour associated with courage, passion and love. On a door, it makes

Styling Sarah Heeringa, photography Amanda Reelick. Enjoy the satisfaction - and savings - of harvesting and using your own herbs. Once dried, you can use gathered flowers, homegrown herbs and surplus fruit skins to create soothing herbal potions, flavoured oils and tasty seasoning mixes. You will need:  Herb scissors

Styling and photography Sarah Heeringa Make your own portable gardening tool organiser. Keep gardening tools handy and avoid losing your hand trowels and twine with your own gardening caddy. You can create one easily using a few upcycled tins, painted in your favourite Resene colour. For the

Styling and photography Sarah Heeringa Craft your own simple ceramic labels for your herbs. Make it easy for everyone to identify the various plants and herbs in the garden with these organic-looking plant markers.  YOU NEED air dry clay knife chopstick or pointed stick baking paper textured cloth  clear varnish  paintbrush  turps straight sticks bendable wire  METHOD Step 1: Cut

Photography Amanda Reelick, styling Sarah Heeringa The general lack of functional pockets in most women’s clothing is well documented and much lamented. As smart phones get bigger, we can end up awkwardly holding phones in our hands, dropping them or leaving them behind. One crafty solution

Photography Amanda Reelick, styling Sarah Heeringa PRODUCED IN PARTNERSHIP WITH GOOD AND RESENE Spring is when we spruce up our outside spaces in readiness for some quality outdoor time. Almost anything can be successfully painted if you use quality paint products and correctly prepare surfaces beforehand. After

Photography Amanda Reelick We’ve all had that much-loved cardigan or favourite pair of jeans we’ve been reluctant to toss even though they’ve gone into holes. Teach yourself a few basic hand-sewing stitches and you can make simple repairs on clothes that have holes, stains, or other

Photography Amanda Reelick. Restoring antique furniture can be a daunting task – especially when it carries sentimental value. This table once belonged to my great grandparents Mary and John – I imagine the two of them sitting at it, in the late 19th century. Later, my

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