PRODUCED IN PARTNERSHIP WITH GOOD X MULTIX Multix Greener is proud to be supporting Trees That Count, by helping to plant 1000 native trees in

New technology which eliminates the need for vacuuming is set to reduce the time Kiwis spend cleaning hard floors by up to 50 per

PRODUCED IN PARTNERSHIP WITH GOOD X RE.STOR Say goodbye to messy laundry liquid and powder spills and help save the planet one wash at a

The Virtue’s collection of decadent fine fragrances adds a touch of aromatic excellence to our daily lives. Demand has increased exponentially for their home

Concentrates are sweeping the body and homecare sectors as a sustainable alternative. But what are they and why should you try them? You may

Good editor Carolyn Enting puts the V15 Dyson Detect Total Clean vacuum through its paces with surprising results. Never in a million years would I

Kiwi businesswoman Clare Wilson was an early adopter of solid bar soaps, using them because they were better for the planet without their single-use

Catherine Robertson (left) and Jane Arthur (right) are at the helm of Good Books, a new indie bookshop in Wellington. Good Books is a fitting

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