A massage routine for the face brings multiple benefits. It’s a case of seeing is believing after a treatment with face sculpting specialist Olga Newman, and why the founder of Face Up has her hands full. The facial massage technique that she practices provides astonishing non-surgical face-lifting

Your questions about how to use essential oils answered by Absolute Essential founder Dr Bo Hendgen. Thank you for your questions! We have been overwhelmed by the response and apologise that we cannot print all of them here. The good news is we have published them

The alcohol-free movement is gaining momentum for all the right reasons. A few weeks ago, I shared on social media that I’d been alcohol-free since April in a bid to be healthier. The response from people was overwhelmingly positive and supportive, which surprised me a little as

Photography Todd Eyre Why Nici Wickes is rediscovering her love of food all over again, plus her hot tips for cooking tasty and fast good food on a budget. Getting Covid over summer has rattled Nici Wickes in a way she didn’t expect. For the past few months,

Photography Tony Nyberg Location Eastwest.co.nz Yoga is great for clearing the mind and improving body circulation, flexibility and spine health. It’s a practice Sophie Correia of Crossing Paths feels fortunate enough to have discovered at school, where she used it as a stress release. “I’m a typical overthinker,”

Photography Matara Stokes The wāhine behind the award-winning board game Kaupapa. Since its launch in 2021, board game Kaupapa has won a stack of awards and been recognised for excellence in game development, player experience and accessibility, as well as for its design and sustainable packaging. The team

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