Look forward to doing the laundry with this new “pure genius” detergent


I never thought I’d write “look forward to doing the laundry” in a headline but discovering re·stor Laundry Sheets has inspired me!

A pure genius solution, these eco-friendly, no mess dehydrated laundry detergent sheets make cleaning clothes a dream.

For starters my laundry is now a lovely place to enter because there’s no risk of my partner leaving trails of washing powder on the floor or on top of the washing machine. He does it every time!

I also have to admit that when opening boxes of washing powder, I often make spills too, even when I’m taking every care not to.

So, when re·stor Laundry Sheets entered my life recently, they have become a game-changer for so many reasons.

These sheets of concentrated laundry detergent remove the possibility of making a mess, they are easy to use, and they do a fantastic job of cleaning your clothes and linen.

All you need to do is pop a laundry sheet in with your clothes (top or front loader – it doesn’t matter), close the door and walk away.

And that’s not all! re·stor Laundry Sheets come in a slim beautifully designed box of 60 sheets, priced at $12.50, which is comparable to a box of laundry powder or liquid.

Because water has been removed from the formula, a box of re·stor Laundry Sheets are also as light as a feather so if you are a city dweller and walk to and from home with your groceries, this will make you very happy!

The beautiful design of the packaging and slim size means it looks great on the shelf, and also takes up a fraction of the space of box of traditional laundry powder or liquid, making it perfect for apartment living.

I don’t live in an apartment but I’m loving the fact that it is taking up less space in my laundry as well as making it look peachy.

And I haven’t even got to this wonder product’s environmental credentials yet!

The packaging is completely plastic-free! It because it is super light, it better for the environment for freighting too.

It is also formulated with 99 per cent naturally derived ingredients that won’t have a negative effect on the product’s life, waterways or your health, which are all listed on the packaging.

The sheets are also starch-free, hypo-allergenic, grey water and septic tank safe. They truly are amazing!

re·stor Laundry Detergent Sheets are available in two beautiful scents – Fresh Linen and Tropical Breeze, plus Sensitive Unscented.

Now available exclusively at Countdown nationwide and coming soon to SuperValue and FreshChoice. Look for the new dedicated ‘Concentrated Cleaning Section’ in the cleaning aisle.

re·stor are also giving you a chance to trail with FREE samples by signing up here.

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