Lockdown style

If you are stuck in lockdown and having a bad hair day, Auckland stylist Michiko Hylands has a crafty and head-turning solution.

A fabulous fabric headband that is not only fashionable but hides regrowth for those of us with long locks who are hanging out to see our hairdresser.

Michiko Hylands points out her regrowth which her fabric headbands cover nicely.

Michiko has been busy making headbands out of some fabulous fabrics she has collected, as well as masks to match from the same fabric to complete her lockdown look.

Here is Michiko’s step-by-step guide to making your own fabric headband!

Fabric Headband

For the elastic casing cut a piece of fabric that is 3″ x 16 ” (l7.5cm x 40cm).

Fold the right sides together and stitch. Using a safety pin, turn the casing through and then iron.

Cut a piece of elastic 8 ” long (20cm).

With a safety pin, thread the elastic through the fabric casing. Stitch both ends of the casing (with the elastic inside the casing) together.

Cut a piece of fabric that measures your head circumference minus 8″ (20cm) wide x 7″ (18cm) long.

Fold the right sides together and stitch. Turn out and iron. Cut a piece of firmer, thicker fabric that measures 3″ (7.5cm ) x 8″ (20cm)This gives the headband more structure. Pop this fabric inside the headband.

Sew the casing to the headband on either side.

Voila! You have made a super cute fabric headband!

A matching mask makes even more of a fashion statement.
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