A New Way To Shop Brands That Share Your Values

These days it’s easy to find brands speaking about sustainability.

We often hear companies talking about taking care of their people and our planet, it’s a trending topic.  

And it couldn’t be more important today. 

But, it’s not easy to find transparent information to tell which brands are walking the talk.

Brands that are going above and beyond. Brands that are in alignment with their values – not just saying the right things. 

We hear you. That’s why responsible retailer HealthPost created Mindful Brands, so you can make informed choices about the brands you back. 

Mindful Brands is a celebration of conscious consumers and brands alike, making it easier to shop brands leading the way in values you care about.

Whether you’re a full-time champion for change, or making small but significant sustainability steps each day, Mindful Brands shares the important and often unseen work that goes on behind the scenes so you can make conscious choices every time you shop.  

And it’s just getting started. 

Mindful Brands is brought to life through HealthPost’s four Mindful Values: 

  • Eco Packaging 
  • Environmentally Sustainable 
  • Socially Responsible 
  • Transparent  

Eco Packaging: brands that are mindful about their materials 

Do you proactively look for brands using better packaging? Do you contact companies asking them to cut back on unnecessary packaging?  

Mindful Brands committed to Eco Packaging consider post-consumer waste, use of recycled materials, and refill initiatives. They select the best available option for their product. 

Organic wholefood Mindful Brand Chantal Organics says their commitment to protecting the earth is fundamental in shaping their approach to eco packaging. 


“Part of our commitment to the environment includes taking a closer look at how we package our products… Our outer boxes are made with 50% recycled materials, while the remainder is from sustainably certified forests.”   

Environmentally Sustainable: brands that choose to be greener 

By actively reducing our carbon footprint, we can pave the way towards a brighter, greener future for our planet. That’s why HealthPost’s Environmentally Sustainable brands are committed to using ingredients that are good for people and the planet.   

Period proof underwear brand, AWWA, is leading the way towards a better planet.  

“From the forest to the factory floor, the paper sourced for our packaging is responsibly managed at every stage of the supply chain. This includes respecting and protecting the rights of indigenous peoples and local forest communities from which lumber is harvested.” 

Socially Responsible: brands that put people at the heart of every decision 

HealthPost’s Socially Responsible brands work to put fair trade first, support the wellbeing of people, or commit to child-labour free practices.   

BioBalance, a local natural health company, is B Corp certified, commits to the ethical trading of their range, and supports a number of local community initiatives. 

“Being based in the coastal village of Collingwood, Golden Bay, BioBalance is committed to the sustainability of this small rural community, through providing sustainable employment and supporting local events and initiatives.”  

Transparent: brands that are open and honest about their supply chain 

Transparency of a supply chain is no easy feat, but it’s more important than ever for consumers to know the ins and outs to make conscious choices. To meet HealthPost’s Transparency value, brands must have full awareness, disclosing where their products are made, what they contain, as well as how and where ingredients are sourced.  

Mindful Brand Ethique works hard to be transparent for its community. They openly share their carbon emissions, the cost of their products, their choice of ingredients, and most importantly – their supply chain. 

“We want to revolutionise the cosmetics industry, but we know we cannot do it alone. So, transparency gives more purchasing power to consumers – if the information they are seeing on our website is valuable, they can demand this from other brands too.” 

 Want to shop brands that share your values? Explore HealthPost’s growing range of eco-friendly, natural health products that help you purchase with a purpose.

Learn more about HealthPost and shop Mindful Brands.

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