Finding your natural rhythm


Having difficulty sleeping? You’re not alone – a third of New Zealand adults get less than 7 hours sleep each night, the minimum recommended by the Ministry of Health.

One of the primary causes of poor sleep is chronic stress, which can throw out our natural sleep/wake cycle, or circadian rhythm. 

Under normal circumstances, our circadian rhythm is synchronised to the cycle of day and night.

We have “molecular clocks” in all our major organs and tissues, which influence everything from body temperature, to hormone production, to heart rate.

Our stress response system also varies through a daily cycle and is both influenced by, and influences, our circadian rhythm in a complex relationship. 

We are exposed to regular daily challenges, as well as too unpredictable stressful events, and we are designed to be resilient to these, to enable our body to return to normal function as soon as possible.

However, when challenges become too numerous or too extreme, our over-activated stress response system can stop functioning properly.

This disrupts our circadian rhythm via many mechanisms, including irregular stress hormone production.

This results in sleep dysfunction, which in turn further provokes our stress response in a vicious cycle. 

Fortunately, there are steps we can take to reset our natural rhythm.

Firstly, because the primary influence on our circadian rhythm is light, to help this clock reset it is important to reduce your exposure to bright light after the sun has set.

Reducing screen time and using low lighting and, if necessary, blackout curtains in your house will all help send signals to the brain that it is time to go to sleep.

Secondly, aim to go to bed at the same time each night, preferably before 10 pm, as this is when the sleep-inducing neurotransmitter melatonin is raised.

Before midnight is also the time when the stress response system is recharging and the gall bladder is detoxifying. 

Thirdly, you can support your body to respond appropriately to stress and to fall asleep and stay asleep, through the use of supportive plant formulas.

Artemis specialises in high-strength plant formulas based on traditional remedies which are backed by science, and we have recently added two new products to our range that include Kava as the hero ingredient. 

Kava (Piper methysticum) is a plant widely used throughout the South Pacific for its calming and relaxing properties.

A lower dose of Kava is calming, assists relaxation without making you sleepy and provides fast-acting support in times of increased stress.

Artemis De-Stress Spray contains a lower dose of Kava and is designed to be easily carried and used throughout the day as the need arises. Regular use supports the stress response to return to normal. 

For a greater calming effect, and to support sleep by quieting racing thoughts, relaxing muscle tension and easing worry, Kava can be taken in a higher dose.

With its higher Kava content, Artemis Deep Sleep provides effective support for restful sleep, and with regular use, it will help you once again find your natural sleep rhythm. 

Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.

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