Transform Your Child’s Sleep With teddy

By Good Magazine

April 2, 2024

As parents of young children, Lance and Gabi Metz understand the challenges of parenting, such as establishing good sleep habits and avoiding struggles like discomfort, bedwetting and providing comfort during a child’s growth period.

Drawing from their own experiences and an aim to provide everybody with a good quality sleep, teddy was born.

Lance and Gabi also recognise the financial pressures many families encounter can also make it tough to prioritise quality sleep, which is why teddy offers top-notch mattresses for Kiwi families without the hefty price tag.

teddy mattresses provide not only comfort, but are also certified against certain harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, guaranteeing a worry-free sleep environment. They’re designed with your little ones in mind, featuring double-sided sleep surfaces with varying firmness options to support the different stages of their spinal development and a washable cover for easy cleaning.

As a fourth generation mattress maker and CEO, Lance is passionate about creating quality mattresses that your family can grow with from toddler to tween, to teen and into their adult years with. Together they have crafted a network to source top-notch materials at the best prices. By cutting out middlemen with a direct-to-consumer model, they ensure that every member of your family, big or small, enjoys the finest sleep.

teddy founders Lance and Gabi Metz.

Staying true to their founding principles of sustainability, innovation and quality, teddy also work alongside their partners to continuously improve their processes and reduce their carbon footprint. Striking a balance between sleep and sustainability, teddy blends Natural Latex and Naturflex to support a deep, aligned sleep. Precision design delivers breathability with soft contouring comfort to help you sleep better with improved posture throughout the night.

“Every family deserves a safe sleep environment because quality rest is essential for parents and kids to thrive,” says Lance. “It’s not just about mattresses, it’s about ensuring affordable, quality sleep for all, paving the way to a brighter future for every Kiwi family in Aotearoa.”

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