Caring for yourself and the planet


Supporting your health and wellbeing while also supporting the health of our planet just got easier, with Healtheries supplements now packaged in bottles made from sugarcane.

Healtheries, one of New Zealand’s most trusted brands, has moved all 80 of its supplements from fossil fuel-based bottles to bottles made from ethically sourced, renewable sugarcane.

The lowdown on sugarcane

Sugarcane is a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuel-based plastic, as it removes carbon from the atmosphere as it grows. Plant-based packaging, such as sugarcane plastic, is a great way of reducing the carbon footprint by decreasing the amount of carbon emissions released into the atmosphere. This in turn helps reduce global warming.

Healtheries’ change to bottles made from sugarcane is one of the single most significant changes to plant-based packaging in New Zealand packaged goods history, with 80 products all changing at one time. It could see an estimated 192 tonne annual reduction in carbon emissions. That’s equivalent to emissions created by driving an average-sized car from Auckland to Wellington, 1,700 times!

Healtheries supplements bottles are now more recyclable, too.

As well as moving their supplement bottles from fossil fuel-based plastic to sugarcane-based, Healtheries has removed the white colour pigment from their bottles to increase their recyclability. The more translucent bottles are kerbside recyclable so that they can be put in your general recycling bin for collection by your local council. And now they can be re-made into more things, including bottles.

What else is Healtheries doing to support the planet?

Healtheries has been supporting the health and wellbeing of New Zealanders for more than 100 years. The team at Healtheries is committed to supporting the health of people and the planet.

As well as changing their supplement bottles from fossil fuel-based plastic to sugarcane, Healtheries launched New Zealand’s first certified home compostable tea bag. Healtheries tea bags are made from fibre-based unbleached filter paper, the string is 100% cotton, and the tags are paper. That means no plastic, no bleach, no glue and no staples in their teabags.

Why choose Healtheries?

Founded in 1904, Healtheries is New Zealand’s original health and wellness company, built on a commitment to offering a wide range of products that will help you be healthy, naturally. As well as supporting the environment, Healtheries creates products made from only the best, highest quality ingredients.

When it comes to choosing wholesome foods and quality supplements, it’s not one-size-fits-all. That’s why Healtheries has almost 200 different products to choose from. Whether you’re after teas that invigorate the senses, snacks that keep you going, or vitamins that help support health and wellbeing, there’s something for everybody in the Healtheries range.

Healtheries supplements in the new plant-based bottles are now available in supermarkets and select pharmacies nationwide.

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