Set yourself up for success for the year ahead and beyond by taking time out to ask yourself these questions, and allowing space to dream. How fortunate are we to be living in Aotearoa. In a position to sit and contemplate goal-setting and designing a lifestyle

I to find out for myself – with a few surprises along the way. Dear reader, proceed with caution. I began trialling these rituals sure none of them could work. But after eight weeks of all kinds of voodoo, I’ve actually found a couple I might keep.

MADE IN PARTNERSHIP WITH GOOD X HEALTHERIES. Supporting your health and wellbeing while also supporting the health of our planet just got easier, with Healtheries supplements now packaged in bottles made from sugarcane. Healtheries, one of New Zealand’s most trusted brands, has moved all 80 of its

Photography by Pexels Uriel Mont, Unsplash Supporting local businesses keeps New Zealand businesses and communities strong and thriving. Not only is shopping locally convenient, but it reduces environmental impacts and keeps creating demand for jobs in New Zealand. Strengthening Kiwi businesses helps build a vibrant retail

Deceptive marketing can hoodwink us into believing a product is eco friendly – so how can we make good choices? With the trend for all things natural booming, an explosion of products has created a world of chaos for consumers. How do we identify if a product

Dog and cat behaviour experts share how to look after your pets and how to tell when they’re happy. Happiness is what most people want for their pets but often what we think is best does more harm than good. If your dog is happy, it’s relaxed

PRODUCED IN PARTNERSHIP WITH GOOD X SHOWERDOME Damp walls, slippery floors, misty mirrors and peeling paint are all caused by shower steam. Steam is created when warm, moist air and cold air mix, and over time, it can negatively affect not only the bathroom but the

Inflation and interest rates are buzzwords peppering headlines, and some commentators are painting a grim picture. So what’s inflation, can interest rate hikes cool the inflation jets, and how can we be mindful with money?  Strange economic forces have been at play since the global financial

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