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How do you decide whether to start a family amidst times of overpopulation, erratic weather and political unrest? It’s the conundrum weighing on the minds of one young couple in the new theatre show coming to Wellington this week, LUNGS. 

A new production from Circa Theatre in Wellington asks the questions around bringing a child into today’s world of over-population, global warming, and political unrest.

Written by critically acclaimed British playwright Duncan Macmillan, LUNGS is a hilarious and moving story which has already received rave reviews from overseas – with the theme of love in unstable times, following a young couple (played by real-life husband and wife team Dean Hewison and Adrianne Roberts) who are trying to decide their future. Thirty-something, the couple are running out of time to have the child. But with the world falling apart, how can you justify bringing a child into it? And what will destruct first – the planet or their relationship?

The unique show features no set, props, or costume changes, and lighting or sound mustn’t be used to convey the passage of time. LUNGS is a raw theatre piece that pulls the focus onto the incredibly insightful script and the two performers on stage charged with delivering it.

Lungs aims to be thought-provoking, heartfelt, honest, funny and raw – asking the confronting questions facing our generation.

LUNGS opens on October 22 at Circa Theatre, 1 Taranaki St , Wellington and runs to November 19. Tickets available at www.circa.co.nz 

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