Unveiling Velettà

Embark on a delightful journey into the world of Velettà, where skincare meets self-celebration and ethical beauty takes centre stage.

Created by Wellington-based entrepreneur Sarah Bacon, skincare brand Velettà is as much about skin health as it is about self-celebration.

Amid a demanding career as a lawyer, she would escape to department store beauty counters to indulge in self-care. This was as much about indulgence as it was about relief. It was her vision to create an accessible at-home experience that offered a similar feeling, which started her on the journey.

“When I decided I was ready for a career change, it was the return to those experiences that fired me up,” Bacon says. “I wanted to create something that others could experience in a similar way. It wasn’t just about the products, but about the ritual, the acknowledgement of self and recognising that we sometimes need to be reminded to look after number one.”

And so Velettà was born. 

Velettà is Italian for veil. Although chosen on a whim for its beautiful sound, Bacon says the definition is serendipitous. “Velettà is the physical skincare veil applied, and the metaphorical personal veil is lifted. Both reveal the true essence of who we are.”

Bacon was clear from the outset that her range had to be entirely ethical, which meant natural, sustainable, vegan (and cruelty-free) and halal-certified. You can use Velettà knowing you are doing wonders for your skin without compromising your beliefs or ethics. 

Velettà is designed for women over 40, and is, therefore, made for worldly women. Bacon says, “As you get older, your skin changes, and so should your skincare, and with hydration and skin barrier health at its core, Velettà is perfect for skin that has lived.”

Issues relating to older women are part of the zeitgeist, and Velettà’s blog concentrates on issues and advice relevant to their customers. 

Use Velettà morning and night, and as part of weekly self-care rituals. One of the benefits of rituals is the acknowledgment of self and the nurturing of self-worth, especially as you move through the different chapters of your life. Worldly women are good at prioritising others, leaving their own needs at the end of the list, so these rituals allow Velettà women to book-end their day with self-care… A time to nurture your now.

Velettà’s products work because of the focus on high-quality, bioactive ingredients. When formulating the six carefully curated products, natural, pure, quality and concentrated bioactive ingredients were consciously and ethically chosen because they genuinely work to help the skin to be the best it can be.

Flawless skin doesn’t exist, but healthy, hydrated and glowing skin can.

Browse Velettà’s range of beautiful products and bundles here and make sure to check out their blog for tips, advice and ideas.

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