An Insider’s Guide To Youthful Skin At Any Age

Great Skin At Any Age

  • She uses fresh water with a gentle plant-based soap is sufficient for cleansing, especially if you live in the country. Once a week Bo also washes her face with an organic deep cleansing carrier oil like organic golden Jojoba or Castor oil.
  • Bo spritzes Rose Hydrosol (natural floral waters) – best for mature skin – all over her face and neck to cleanse further and hydrate her skin.
  • Without drying, she applies her now favourite new Rose & Frankincense Intensive Serum at night for extra nourishment. The subtle scent of this serum not only assists with transporting nourishment into the epidermis but also has a calming and soothing effect on the mind readying her for a restorative rest.
  • In the morning (after cleansing), she applies either Absolute Essential Untouched Face Cream or Rose & Frankincense Face Cream for a richer feel.. When make-up is necessary, she applies a tinted moisturiser over the top, which also has a valuable sunscreen component to protect against the elements.
  • Dr Bo’s routine may be simple, but it is effective due to the quality natural ingredients used in all Absolute Essential products.

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