The benefits of reusable period underwear

Here’s everything we think you should know about reusable period underwear, a sustainable alternative to traditional period products. 

Like all things unknown, we were at first nervous about trying out reusable period underwear, namely the Modibodi period panties. But, like all well-designed sustainable alternatives, the underwear is comfortable. Coupled with their environmental benefits, we think there’s much to love about this innovative product! 

How do they work?

The Modibodi period panties include three layers. The top layer consists of soft bamboo to wick away moisture and fight bacteria and smells. The middle layer is made up of merino wool to absorb fluid and lock it away. And the bottom layer consists of waterproof protection for that extra security and peace of mind. 

After wearing, you can rinse in cold water, then put in a cold wash cycle when you can. After rinsing, the water may be clear, it depends on your flow.

Withstanding the flow

Rest assured, for those with heavy periods, the underwear works!

We found them comfortable, well-fitting, and, unexpectedly, dry to touch. This meant we forgot we had our period – and it was a relief! 

There’s nothing worse than feeling out of your comfort zone with a pad or tampon that needs changing, and the Modibodi period panties gave us a confidence boost. 

The Modibodi Period Panties: Sensual Hi-Waist Bikini style in the daydream colourway

Accessibility & inclusivity 

While for some using tampons or a menstrual cup is an afterthought, for others, using these products can cause pain or discomfort, including for those with vaginismus or other conditions causing pelvic pain.

There’s also the cost associated with purchasing single-use period products every month – so if you can put aside some money to invest in the underwear upfront, we say go for it! 

However, this is not an option for everyone, which is why the New Zealand government has pledged for New Zealand schools to receive free period products. 

Modibodi gets it too, which is why in 2021 they will globally donate a massive 100,000 pairs of leak-proof underwear to those in need as a commitment to help end the rising global issue of period poverty – the lack of access to period products can lead to school and work absenteeism and reduced participation in social activities. 

The methods women and girls are using to manage their periods, such as rags, old clothes or newspapers are unhealthy and undignified. COVID-19 has heighted the situation with data revealing 47 per cent of girls and women in 160 countries have experienced more difficulties in accessing period products during the pandemic. 

The Environment 

A basic necessity for menstruating individuals, it’s inevitable that each year, approximately 100 billion period products are thrown away. 

And as we know, this waste ends up in a landfill or our waterways and beaches. It’s positive to see innovation in the period space for long-use options so we can leave a lighter footprint on the earth. 

Ultimately, we’re not dreading our next period as much, knowing that the Modibodi Period Panties will at least take away some of the discomfort associated with periods. And even better, Modibodi has released a new Anti-Chafing Short to wear during your period, to aid relief from walking, working out, or sitting crossed-legged.

If you’re now curious about reusable period underwear and want to know more, or try them out for yourself, visit modibodi.co.nz

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