Make These Stunning Orchid-Like Blooms

Create beautiful branches in bloom that will keep for a long time and stay pristine with no need to water! The pretty flowers are made from coffee filters pinned to a branch. If you wish, you can paint them with watercolours or diluted food colouring.


White coffee filters

Sewing pins

Branch without flowers


1. Trace each of the 3 templates onto coffee filters.

2. Cut out the pieces just inside the lines. There will automatically be 2 of each, as coffee filters come in 2 layers.

3. Place all 6 circles on top of each other, with the largest at the bottom and the smallest on top.

4. Push a sewing pin through the centre of all 6 circles, beginning with the smallest.

5. Shape and crease each circle separately to create the petals on the flower.

6. Insert the sewing pin with the flower lengthways into the branch and voilà — you have created a branch in bloom! Add as many flowers as you want.

Images and text from Stars & Snowflakes by Jennie Lantz and Cecilia Möller Kirchsteiger, photography by Cecilia Möller Kirchsteiger. Murdoch Books RRP $36.99.
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