Hair on point: Five minutes with Kate Jarrett of Loxy’s Hair Boutique

Good caught up with Kate Jarrett, founder and owner of Loxy’s Hair Boutique for the dos and don’ts for everyday hair care, Loxy’s Sustainable Salons partnership and being the official hair stylist at the Good Sustainable Style Show at New Zealand Fashion Week 2018. 

How did your journey into the hair industry begin, and what led to founding Loxy’s Hair Boutique?

The Loxy’s story is quite an awesome one (I’m obviously bias!) I’m from the corporate world and fell in love with extensions after having them myself for many years. I trained in extensions as a hobby (to this day I still don’t cut or colour), and my passion and love for extensions grew from there. Loxy’s as it is today was never part of the plan, but instead, a beautiful and natural progression from my home studio, to our salon on Ponsonby Road today and well known presence across NZ.

One thing Loxy’s is known for is your amazing hair extensions. Why did you decide to include extensions as part of your business model?

Extensions were really the beginning for us and all other hairdressing services came later. I think that’s been a hugely beneficial point of difference for us, that rather than offering extensions as a side service, they’re something my team (of experienced hairdressers) know intimately and are trained extensively in. I felt that no one else was doing them justice and extensions had such a stigma attached to them pre Loxy’s. I feel proud that we are changing that and are well known for our natural, non damaging and undetectable extensions.

Loxy’s Hair Boutique recently became a member of the Sustainable Salons, helping the business reduce its waste by 95 per cent. 

Loxy’s recently partnered with Sustainable Salons to reduce your waste by 95 per cent. How are you achieving this, and why was it so important for you to partner with Sustainable Salons?

This was so important for us and I’ve been so proud to see how much the team have embraced this initiative! The team at Sustainable Salons make this so easy for us to achieve and with our shared values it was a very natural fit to work with them. We have different rubbish bins for each waste type which then gets sent off to be sold, recycled and reused. We recycle all old hair extensions and donate them to be made into wigs. It’s really just been a big weight off our conscience because we were aware of how much waste was created by what we did each day and it didn’t sit well with us. The extensive training we had with Sustainable Salons has educated all of us to make better choices not only at work, but to be so much more aware of our home waste too. It’s been a game changer!

Loxy’s will be styling the hair for the inaugural Good Sustainable Style Show at New Zealand Fashion Week this year. Why did you say yes to coming on board?

It was such an easy decision for us to take this amazing opportunity. Working with Good, Beauty Dust Co. and the other ethical brands involved for this pioneering show is incredibly exciting. We are thrilled to be working with others who share our vision for business and a conscious approach to how we operate. It’ll be an incredible show.

Do you have any expert tips to achieving great hair on the daily?

It’s all in the prep! I’m notoriously lazy with my hair (hair extensions take longer to wash than my natural super fine hair!) My recommendation is always when you do your hair, do it properly. It’ll last longer if smoothed or and styled properly with the best products. Commit to using high quality products that will nourish and protect your hair and never, ever heat style your hair without heat protection.

For more on Loxy’s Hair Boutique visit loxys.co.nz and for tickets to the Good Sustainable Style Show, click here

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