Morning Rituals & You: How to start your day in a way that inspires, activates, and excites you!

If you want to lead a better life, leading a better morning is a good place to start.

Every single person on Earth is given the same amount of time in a day. A mere 24 hours, minus 8 (you hope!), for sleep, and 8 for work in leaves you with just 8 hours to divvy up between the other areas of your life – kids, partners, friends, hobbies, relaxation, catching up on your Netflix series, social media stalking, grocery shopping, cleaning and so on  – it is exhausting just to think about.

Plus, if you are already running around trying to fit everything in, the suggestion for one more activity might seem incredibly overwhelming – especially if it requires you to wake up a little earlier!

But, when the payoff involves decreased stress levels, deep presence throughout your day, increased levels of peace and overall happiness, and the ability to leap into your day with intentional action towards your goals and dreams – isn’t it worth sacrificing that 20 minutes of Instagram for?

A morning ritual is a profoundly simple, yet deeply powerful practice that has the ability to transform your life – one morning at a time. When I speak about morning rituals, I’m not talking about the standard day-to-day stuff we all deal with like brushing our teeth or showering, I’m talking about intentional time for you. A few moments to connect with yourself before the world demands your attention.

Morning rituals look different for everyone, and there are no hard-and-fast rules to creating your own. The point of this practice is to build a positive habit that serves you, filling your metaphorical cup so that when you go out into the world, you feel calm and at peace, guided by a powerful personal intention.

Just like yoga, you can build your practice up over time. Beginning with even just a simple 15 minute morning ritual can help you to start your days in a far more positive way than just gulping down coffee, scrolling through social media, and rushing out the door.

The keys to designing a good morning ritual are simple; Make it easy, make it enjoyable, and make it intentional. Plus, if you really want to get the full benefit – do it before you even turn your phone on. Giving yourself a moment to check in with how you’re feeling and calibrate to the day instead of getting caught in the anxiety trap of checking emails, will improve your mood and boost your confidence.

According to self-love expert Kayla Anderson, a good morning ritual includes something for your body, something for your mind, and something for your soul. Activities for your body can include a gentle stretch, some yoga, or even some tai-chi on the lawn. Personally, I like to power walk around my neighbourhood for 30 mins, allowing my body to wake up and charge up with fresh air. Activities for your mind can include reading a book or listening to an audiobook  – perhaps even while you walk, to save time! Lastly, activities for your soul can include things like prayer, giving gratitude, and journaling. This is also where you would think about your intention for the day – what is it you would like to achieve or receive? Who is it you would like to be? When you go to bed tonight, what would you love to have done or experienced during the day? Setting an intention for your day is important, because it helps you to navigate your choices – moment to moment.

It doesn’t need to be fancy – and done is always better than perfect. If getting up 15 minutes earlier seems hard, start with just 5 minutes and build from there. When you’re ready to make your morning practice your new reality, make sure to get the support you need from those around you. For example, let your kids and partner know that from 6:00am until 6:30am, you’re unavailable – get out of the house if you have to! Making sure that you have uninterrupted time to simply be is a game changer – and your family will thank you for it when you’re more patient and less snappy!

If you can commit to this powerful practice for just seven days, you may start to feel a noticeable positive difference in your energy levels, emotions, and presence within your life, knowing that the key to living in a positive way begins with starting your DAY in a positive way.

Jacqui Sive is a high-level life and business mentor, helping conscious leaders expand into their greatest potential. Visit her website at

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