Live your best skin: the benefits of micro-needling


The team behind Clear Skincare Clinics get out of bed everyday with one goal in mind: to make people feel great about their skin.

Made from a history of clinically treating acne, Clear Skincare Clinics believe that “with your best skin you are free to be your best self.”

When our skin starts flaring up and breaking out, Clear Skincare Clinics understands how it can hold us back from what we are wanting to do throughout the day or sometimes, weeks.

Since 1999, Clear Skincare Clinics has made the most advanced clinical treatments and effective skincare products more accessible and affordable to millions of people.

Their range has been tried, tested, and continually perfected in the past 20 years.

Formulated from the world’s most active ingredients, Clear Skincare Clinics products give their customers Clinic Quality, Every Day.

If you’re missing out on your regular Dermapen or needling skin treatments, Clear Skincare’s face rollers can keep your skin looking and feeling healthy while in lockdown or participating in everyday activities.

Their Lockdown Medical-grade stainless steel needle face roller creates tiny micro punctures into the skin, stimulating your body’s natural healing response.

Turbocharging your skins ability to repair itself and produce collagen and elastin, resulting in firmer and plumper looking skin.

What are the benefits of micro-needling your skin?

  • Stimulates collagen and elastin production and cell regeneration for a fuller, tighter and firmer-looking skin
  • Improves skin quality and texture
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduces blackheads, red marks and scarring
  • Reduces hyperpigmentation and fades sun damage
  • Increases absorption of products and active ingredients by up to 20 per cent

To step up your at home needling appointment, always combine your needling with an active ingredient serum.

After your needling, you skin can absorb up to 20 per cent more of your skincare for greater results.

Steps on how to needle your skin with Clear Skincare Clinics Home Face Rollers

  1. Thoroughly clean and dry your face with your favourite cleanser
  2. Divide your face up into 6 sections and work on a section at a time
  3. Apply the roller gently using up, across and diagonal motions to create a star shape pattern. Use as much pressure as is comfortable. Roll each area 7 – 10 times, lifting the roller between each pass. This process should take around 3 – 5 minutes.
  4. Apply your active hero serum straight away – your skin is primed to soak up all that goodness
  5. Repeat 2 – 3 times a week for the best results

Find out more about Clear Skincare Clinics and skin needling by visiting their website here.

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