Hormone testing

Good editor Carolyn Enting takes the Eve Health Hormone test.

A simple test can help provide answers as to why you might be feeling unbalanced and help find your way to hormones be happy again.

For the past while it’s fair to say that I’ve been feeling hormonal! Not only that but no matter how much exercise I do, I can’t seem to shift stubborn kilos off my frame.

At times I’ve see-sawed from feeling excessively emotional to grumpy as well as having sore swollen boobs. That’s possibly TMI, sorry, but it has made exercising and even hugging a challenge, and I’m sure other women can relate.

A year ago I gave up coffee hoping that it would reduce this sensitivity, and it did! In fact it helped so much so that I haven’t drunk coffee since. But I knew things still weren’t quite right, so when I heard about the Eve Hormone Balance Test I couldn’t wait to do it.

The test is easy to do. The kit comes with a booklet of easy-to-follow instructions and the team were also readily available to answer my questions.

The test does require you to pee into a pot and collect a sample, and it is important to collect your sample at the right time in your cycle. Because my cycle has been irregular – sometimes it’s 28 days, 36 days, 42 days – I needed to ask extra questions. The answer was to buy an ovulation kit from the pharmacy so that I could work out when I ovulated. Then, take the test 8 days after that.

It is also important to avoid certain foods 48 hours prior to sample collection like avocado, bananas, eggplant, kiwifruit, pineapple and walnuts; and to limit liquid consumption from 6pm the evening before. The latter will avoid dilution of your sample.

Doing this test has helped answer my questions and it turns out, like many other women, I’m producing too much oestrogen.

The diagnosis matches my symptoms. High oestrogen can cause weight gain, mood swings, heavy periods and breast tenderness. Bingo!

Oestrogen is one of our most influential and important hormones. It plays an essential role in the growth and development of sexual characteristics and the regulation of the menstrual cycle and reproductive system.

Oestrogen’s influence is not limited to the reproductive system, however. It regulates over a thousand genes – and has an impact on our bone and skin health, strengthens muscle and can impact insulin sensitivity. There is a link between oestrogen and serotonin, highlighting the important role it plays in our mood. Oestrogen is a powerful hormone and when levels are too high or too low, it can have an impact on how we think and feel.

The good news is that after doing the Eve Hormone Test, I now have a list of things I can do to help get my hormones back in balance.

These include dietary recommendations as well as adding de-stressing activities into my week like yoga or pilates; plus, supplements to help kickstart the rebalancing process.

I’m looking forward to taking on these recommendations and reporting back to you on how it all goes!

You can find out more about Eve Health’s Hormone Balance Test here.

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