A journey back to self

30 days of self-love education and ritual that fits in a normal day to make every moment feel extraordinary. From February 19 to March 18, 2020.

Learn how to: create better connections, express your soul’s passions, trust your inner knowing and care for your body. 

By signing up you’ll receive morning inspiration and weekly self-development challenges, be educated about personal development, a weekly yoga video, guided podcast meditations, body-loving recipes and be in to win free gifts! 

Grab your friends and workmates, do it together and watch how having a great life starts with self-love. 


  • 28 days of expert advice 
  • daily challenges and self-reflections that fit easily into your normal routine
  • kundalini yoga videos
  • guided meditations
  • be in to win spontaneous giveaways delivered to your door
  • nutritious recipes
  • self-love gift pack as seen below valued at $200, Amazing oils magnesium spray, lust haircare, pukka tea, Arepa tonic, Good multivitamins, Labonics face serum, 4 x Bennetto vegan choc slabs and discount offerings. 

All this for only $99 +p (50% goes to Oxfam to help empower women in developing countries).

What to expect 

Five weekly emails, wellness wisdom, personal development reflection challenges, meditation podcasts, yoga videos, wholefood recipes, giveaways. 

Weekly themes 

Week 1: Relationships – Boundaries, Connection, Gratitude 

Week 2: Body Image – Connecting to your body, Confidence, Nutrition/Exercise 

Week 3: Self-Expression – Finding your passion, expressing authenticity, expressing emotion healthily. 

Week 4: Creating Space – Organisation, Fengshui your home, Meditation/personal ritual space.

Your Wellbeing Experts 

Justine Jamieson – Spiritual development writer/ meditation guide  

Justine is a spiritual teacher and spiritual wellness writer. She is trained in many healing modalities and meditation practices and has been on a deep diving self-development journey for 8 years. Working with the quantum realm she helps inspire people to manifest magic in their life and listen to what their body already knows about any situation. She helps facilitate change in people to help them live authentic, balanced lives and see how their life has been a training ground for their spiritual growth. 

Justine creates spaces for people to learn more about themselves and loves working collaboratively with many experts in their field of self-development and holistic health to support and inspire people on their journey. She is also Good’s commercial manager and uses this space to help create initiatives (like this one), that help people and the environment. Her sideline business is Lustrecollective.com where she holds collaborative events and retreats.  

Yelena Bebich – Kundalini yoga teacher and moon circle facilitator

Yelena is a teacher and student of Kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan and a women’s circle facilitator. She shares yoga, meditation and mantra as tools for mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. She is fascinated with all things feminine, a lover of nature, beauty, emotion, creativity, sensuality and motherhood.

Laura Ellen – Women’s Health and Pleasure Coach 

Laura is a holistic sex, love and life coach, keynote speaker, host of The Sexual Wellness Podcast and a passionate advocate for pleasure-based living. Once a fashion stylist, come creative entrepreneur, come dietician, Laura now works beyond the plate to help modern women find nourishing fulfillment by removing the boundaries of pleasure in all aspects of life. Laura’s mission is to bring healthy sexuality to the wellness table, alongside our green smoothies, and share the roadmap to a happy, healthy turned-on life through food, thought, and a (very) sexy dose of self-love. 

Tracey Bennett – The Reckless Foodie 

Tracey is a self-educated plant-based wholefood chef who is passionate about sharing nourishing food with others. As a mother of 4, Tracey understands the importance of quick and tasty meals. 

She has always enjoyed crafting her own dishes from scratch and making food look gorgeous. Tracey takes great pleasure in sharing her love of food with others through teaching workshops in her community and sometimes further afield.  

She has recently also begun providing plant-based catering for special events, mostly in the wellness and transformation industry. As a people person, Tracey loves connecting, creating and collaborating with others on a similar path. 

Free to register before 1 February 2020 

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