Why Women Should Box

Boxing used to be a male-dominated sport, but times have changed. There’s now an increase in women joining the ranks, both professionally and in everyday workouts.

Unfortunately, there’s a misconception that boxing is only about combat. It’s also about mindset, discipline, and technique. 

Even better, with several boutique studio offerings like UBX Mount Maunganui, you can practice the sport without stepping into the ring or getting hit!  

Read on for some of the benefits of boxing, as well as the workouts that UBX provide. 

1. Boxing is excellent for your mental health

The intensity of boxing training helps your mind to focus. You are distracted from your stresses, and you are totally in the moment. 

After the session, you receive an incredible rush of endorphins that uplift your mood. You’ll be left wanting more!

2. You are always evolving 

There’s always room for improvement with boxing – you can start at your preferred skill level and perfect your craft over time. Over time, you’ll likely notice an improvement in your hand-eye coordination and posture. 

Tim West, a co-founder of UBX, explains that “once you learn the basics, how to stand and the primary punches (jab, cross, hook, rip, and uppercut), then it’s all about changing up the speed, power, and movements”. 

He goes on to say that “you are learning how to move like a fighter, throw a punch with accuracy and power, and better understand the technique and form required to maintain balance, evade and strike with increased agility and reaction time”. 

3. Boxing can get you out of an ‘exercise rut’

If your body is resisting change, boxing can help you switch things up. When you box for fitness, Tim says there is “no limit to the intensity or difficulty. As you become fitter over time, the UBX workouts are designed to align with the physical conditioning that you experience, therefore avoiding that ‘plateau’”. 

Because you are partaking in a mix of strength and cardio, boxing is also great for building lean muscle and benefits your hormonal health! 

4. Boxing is excellent for self-defence

By including a variety of attack and defence manoeuvres, boxing provides you with the skills to stay sharp on your feet. 

You may even notice a difference in your confidence! 

UBX Mount Maunganui 

UBX provides boxing and strength workouts with guidance from coaches to help you learn how to box like a pro fighter, but at your own pace. 

The workouts are in a group fitness setting and are designed like a champion boxing fight, with 12 x 3-minute rounds with 30 seconds rest in between these rounds. You’re done in under 45 minutes! 

Even better, you can start your workout anytime during UBX’s opening hours; there are no fixed class times. 

You can find out more about UBX here.

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