Eco-friendly Valentine’s Day ideas

This Valentine’s Day, make an effort to shift the focus from material possessions to dates and experiences that spare a thought for the environment too. Here are some ideas. 

Words Grace Stephens

Write it down

In today’s world we are so encapsulated in all things digital that there really isn’t the same sort of romance in writing an ‘I love you’ text compared to an old fashioned love letter. Get all your loving words down on paper and tuck it under your partner’s pillow for them to find and read. They can then keep it forever and look back on it in years to come too. For Good’s guide to letter writing, click here.  

Show some love to a charity or person in need 

Spread the love a little further – think about donating an item in need to a homeless or animal shelter. More and more charities are also running gifts that give initiatives – buy a goat for a family in a developing country on behalf of your partner, or a give a card that with every purchase, a tree is planted somewhere in the world. 

Bring back the mixed tape… or playlist 

Make a playlist of all the songs that remind you of your significant other and your relationship and invite them to follow and listen to it on your favourite music app such as Spotidy – the cheesier the better for guaranteed smiles! 

After work walk and picnic

Pack a picnic and plan to meet during your lunch break or after work. Leave your phones at home or in your cars and enjoy each other’s company. For some summer picnic ideas, click here


Find a spot to lie down on the grass and stargaze away. Head out of the city to ensure your view isn’t hindered by any light pollution, and spend the night impressing your other half by pointing out constellations. Alternatively if the weather plays ball, head up to a high vantage point and watch the sunset together. 

Tandem bike ride

For a date with no footprints – of the carbon kind, or the step kind – hire a tandem bike and go for a ride. Take part in a cycle wine tour, head out along the waterfront, or meander through the forest. Fill the bike basket with your favourite treats and flowers and make an afternoon of it. 

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