People, animals, trees, birds, insects and everything in our environment is energy. On a quantum level, our collective energy fields are constantly merging in and out of one another’s; we are all energetically connected all the time. Therefore, our ability to manage our energy and

Modern-day popular pets - our feline and canine friends – use their superb senses to help out their humans. Our feline and canine friends have superior senses to humans. Having such sensitivities allows our pets to empathise with us. They can feel our pain, protect us

OPINION. Photography Nami Julia Hampe Since the beginning of civilisation, some societies have worshipped female sexuality and celebrated goddesses with time-honoured sensual priestess rituals. Others have punished female sexual expression by death. It’s understandable, then, that present-day society still grapples with the sensitive topic of female

We all have many unconscious scripts choreographing our dance through life. They trip us up, putting us out of rhythm, demanding more from us. Often, we also place these invisible demands on others, expecting them to act or speak in a certain way. Having these often

Photo by Julia Caesar on UnsplashYou may have heard of ‘the uprising of the feminine’.It seems to be the narrative amongst the new scriptures, aka social media. But what is this feminine way? It’s not just about dancing to a Beyoncé song, or witches chanting around a campfire

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