People who can think outside the box often experience successes that others don’t, and see fewer limitations on their growth, potential, and options. Here’s how you can develop a more unconventional thinking style. Surround yourself with creative problem-solvers Who do you know who does things differently? It

How to work with a perfectionist, without it driving you crazy. Perfectionists have many strengths but can also be annoying and wearing. Check out these tips for better understanding and coping with the perfectionist in your life. 1. Understand what drives a perfectionist. When you recognise what a perfectionist’s

From issue 57.Dr Alice Boyes shares her expert advice on dealing with family relations. Sibling relationships are special because, in most cases, your siblings will be part of your life for longer than anyone else. Longer even than your parents or children.  But we don’t always get

Good's psychology expert and headcase columnist Dr Alice Boyes shares some advice on how to reconnect with your partner. Every long-term relationship goes through periodic lulls – bad patches when you’re irritable and lack feelings of closeness and warmth towards each other. Here are some solutions

Good's headcase columnist, Dr Alice Boyes shares her advice on getting in touch with your creative side. Being creative can mean different things to different people. The fact that you can barely draw a stick figure does not necessarily mean that you are not a creative person.

Good's psychology expert Dr Alice Boyes talks about the benefits of mindlessness. Mindfulness gets a lot of positive attention. However, we spend about 50 per cent of our time being mindless – letting our thoughts drift away from the experience we’re currently having. From an evolutionary

Illustration by UNA studio Good's psychology expert and columnist Dr Alice Boyes shares her advice on tapping into your authentic self.  Life can get busy but when you feel like you have balance, this helps to create feelings of calmness and having a sense of control. Having balance

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