In my past columns, I’ve talked about three routes to happiness. You can strive for a happy life, a meaningful life, or a rich life (one that’s filled with variety and experiences that change your perspective). These pathways are mostly based on what you do.

Illustration by Bridget Daulby When couples split, sometimes the reason they cite is “We want different things in life”. Of course, this could be related to specifics, like disagreeing about having children. However, there’s one key way people differ in the life they want. Three types of lives Research

Illustrated by Bridget Daulby Feeling overwhelmed is par for the course when you’re doing hard things. But feeling overwhelmed doesn’t mean you’re weak or useless. Don’t personalise it or turn it into fuel for self-criticism. Here are some coping strategies. Start with the parts of a task

Illustration by Bridget Daulby Your resilience partly comes from fixed or slow-changing features, like a strong social support network and being well-off, physically healthy and not predisposed to mental health challenges like depression. People with these advantages have an easier time accessing resources (like mentors or

Dr Alice Boyes is author of the books The Healthy Mind Toolkit (2018) and The Anxiety Toolkit (2015).Although many people would like to improve their money habits, there are some psychological reasons that this is hard. When you understand these, you can set yourself up for more success.Confronting debt evokes

Dr Alice Boyes is author of the books The Healthy Mind Toolkit (2018) and The Anxiety Toolkit (2015). Humans are wired to make some snap judgements.This can be an incredibly useful tool and sometimes our quick judgements are pretty good. For example, people’s instant judgements of

Some advice from Good’s emotions expert, Alice Boyes, PhD and author of The Anxiety Toolkit and The Healthy Mind Toolkit about coping with uncertainty. We’re all currently facing the uncertain threat that is coronavirus – we don’t know how long it will last and exactly what the damage

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