Wellness products to boost your immune system

boost your immune system

With the temperature dropping and our heaters getting hauled out of storage, winter is near. Winter in my household is known by wooly socks, knit sweaters, homemade soup, and unfortunately colds and flu. There are luckily an abundance of wellness products available to help us boost our immune systems in the fight against winter illnesses. Here are some of our favourites!

Vitamin C

boost your immune system

The classic Vitamin C is your best friend all year round, especially in the colder months. Vitamin C boosts your immune and even aids in the absorption of iron. Our friends at HealthPost have a great range of Vitamin C supplements to keep you healthy this winter.

Viral Defense

boost your immune system

Viral defense supplements are a great way to keep your guard up against a cold or flu that may be lurking. Capsules like Go Healthy’s VIR-DEFENCE are packed with olive leaf extract, garlic extract, and echinacea to protect your immune system.  

Green Tea

boost your immune system

Green tea has been proven to offer numerous health benefits including immune protection. The tea contains plant antioxidants called Polyphenols that are infection fighters. One of our favourite green teas is the Ti Ora green tea with ginger,  lemongrass, and New Zealand Kawakawa. If you’re after something a little fruity, there’s also the Ti Ora green tea with passionfruit & New Zealand peach. You can find Ti Ora teas at Countdown, New World, and PAK’nSAVE.


boost your immune system

This powerful plant is used to boost your immune system by increasing your number of white blood cells (the ones that fight the germs). Extracted from a species of plants only grown in eastern and central North America, echinacea is a great addition to your daily life. We love this echinacea and thuja liquid from Weleda, which provides immune support to build resistance, help fight colds, flus and infections, and promotes wound healing.

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