There is no better medicine than food

A time honoured concept and the inspiration behind a new kind of nutrition product, we introduce to you Kai Tonic.

The use of ‘functional foods’ and ‘healing nutrition’ has gained big traction internationally. The likes of bone broths, turmeric, adaptogens and medicinal mushrooms have become increasingly popular. A new type of nutritional product made in New Zealand is the latest product to be gaining interest around the world. Kai Tonic is a slow freeze-dried whole foods tonic soup using the very best sustainably sourced New Zealand produce has to offer, much of which is wild harvested and gathered by hand.

Imagine wild paua (abalone) being sustainably gathered by free divers from the cold and pristine waters of New Zealand’s remote Chatham Islands, then flown same day to be freeze dried.

A bowl of Kai Tonic tonic soup with nourishing marine foods, vegetables, and traditional healing herbs.

100% pure and natural Kai Tonic is produced using slow freeze drying technology in order to lock in more nutritional value and freshness than any other drying method, including heat drying method which many supplements use. The result is nourishing and delicious.

Kai Tonic is formulated with 13 natural and organic ingredients which are well known to support inflammation, digestion, health of the skin, brain and eyes, immunity, circulation and many other health needs. Kai Tonic includes some of the world’s most powerful marine foods including the world’s only golden coloured Sea Cucumber, Sea Urchin (Kina) Roe, Abalone (Paua), Greenshell Mussel, combined with traditional Māori healing herbs Horopito and Kawakawa, Wakame Seaweed, Golden Needle Mushrooms and other antioxidant rich ingredients.

It’s like taking a handful of potent supplements in a nutritious and delicious whole foods tonic.

Just one pouch of Kai Tonic contains the fresh Greenshell Mussel equivalent of 10 x 6,000mg Greenshell Mussel capsules, let alone all the other high potency antioxidant and natural anti-inflammatory ingredients.

This product is incredible. The energy I have is seriously amazing – brain felt sharper – it has helped with my inflammation. I felt my whole body deflate over days. I just can’t tell how incredible this is. The inflammation decreased so much. Anyone that suffers from inflammation or gut issues – this is just amazing.

Stacey Forsey, UK celebrity & gut health advocate

Kai Tonic is ideal for cleansing, support post-birth, post surgery, post-illness, post training, taking away on travels for nutrition support, and to address a wide range of health concerns. The use of tonic soups is also ideal for people who struggle to swallow capsules or suffer from reflux when they do.

Good Magazine readers can enjoy 10% off Kai Tonic using the code GOOD10 at kaitonic.co.nz.

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