Nestled in the heart of Harrogate, Yorkshire, family-owned Yorkshire Tea has been weaving a rich tapestry of tradition and flavour since its establishment in 1886 by Charles Taylor. With its unbeatable flavour and quality, Kiwi's now get to enjoy Britain's number one tea too. A Proper

Tamarin Howse created the Better Tea Company to help start a conversation about mental health through tea. She started with an organic blend called “Anxie-tea” and has since added the “Gut Feelings” and “Hemp Relief” blends. We chatted with Tamarin about her journey with anxiety and how

Photography, Content Pixie, Unsplash As I settle to write this, I take a sip of rooibos tea. I drink a lot of tea, but only came across rooibos a few years back. It’s rapidly become one of my favourites.  I love its rich, earthy taste; it somehow

PRODUCED IN PARTNERSHIP WITH GOOD X ORGANIC INDIA. The days are fast-rolling forward to Christmas, Summertime and Celebration. How refreshing is it to gather with friends and sip a healthful non-alcoholic tonic that nourishes our nervous system, boosts our immunity, and leaves us hangover free! Here

PRODUCED IN PARTNERSHIP WITH GOOD AND DILMAH. New Zealand’s number one black tea maker does a power of good for people and the environment. Merrill J. Fernando of Dilmah Tea prefers to just do it - and not talk about it. However, New Zealand now has a view

PRODUCED IN PARTNERSHIP WITH ALEMBICSWe’re loving Alembics Apothecary Teas blended for taste, aroma and wellbeing. There are four botanical infusions to choose from that take tea to the next level using nature, science and experience to create something magical!Blue is delicately flavoured yet boldly coloured. This

Main image by Manki Kim, Unsplash It’s time to take five and boil the jug, because today (21 May) is International Tea Day.Whether you enjoy herbal, green, white or black tea, Cathay Pacific and the world-renowned tea brand, JING, are helping bring a taste of Asia into Kiwi homes with some

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