Where Tradition Meets Refreshing Taste

Nestled in the heart of Harrogate, Yorkshire, family-owned Yorkshire Tea has been weaving a rich tapestry of tradition and flavour since its establishment in 1886 by Charles Taylor. With its unbeatable flavour and quality, Kiwi’s now get to enjoy Britain’s number one tea too.

A Proper Brew for a Proper Difference

Yorkshire Tea’s range, including the Classic Black and Proper Strong teas, has become a staple in households across the country, offering a perfect cup with every brew. Sold in supermarkets nationwide, each pack of 100 tea bags comes with a recommended retail price of $8.50, making quality tea accessible to all.

The Essence of a Proper Brew

In the United Kingdom, a staggering 100 million cups of tea are consumed daily, with a strong black tea blend traditionally served with milk. Yorkshire Tea, the country’s No.1 black tea, has been crafted with expertise for over 130 years. This blend masterfully combines the robustness of Indian teas with the vibrancy and depth of African varieties, resulting in a brew that embodies perfection.

Quality in Every Sip

The commitment to quality at Yorkshire Tea is unwavering. Tea buyers and blenders rigorously taste up to 1000 tea samples daily, ensuring only the finest leaves make it into the blend. This dedication to excellence is what makes Yorkshire Tea a symbol of perfection, offering a proper brew in every cup.

Sustainable Sourcing for a Brighter Future

The ethos of Yorkshire Tea extends beyond taste to encompass social and environmental responsibility. The brand’s sourcing practices align with its core values, meticulously monitoring and upholding social and environmental standards. Yorkshire Tea invests in 43 diverse projects globally, ranging from enhanced healthcare and education to environmental care, contributing to a brighter future for all.

Planting Seeds for the Planet

An integral part of Yorkshire Tea’s commitment to the planet is the planting of over 7 million trees in the past 30 years. This initiative extends across the UK and tea-growing regions worldwide, fostering carbon neutrality and bringing tangible benefits to the environment and the dedicated farmers who cultivate the tea leaves.

Join Yorkshire Tea in Making a Proper Difference

More than just a brand, Yorkshire Tea is a promise of quality, sustainability, and a dedication to a better world. Every sip from a cup of Yorkshire Tea is a step towards positive change. The invitation is extended to all to join in making a proper difference—one brew at a time. Let’s continue making a proper difference, one cup at a time, as we savour the richness of tradition and the refreshing taste of Yorkshire Tea.

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