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Guests at the Linden Leaves Wellbeing Series events in Cambridge (3 August 2019) and Auckland (19 October 2019) will be treated to The Sisters Wines. We spoke with Belinda Jackson of The Sisters.

Words Lara Wyatt

Good: Can you tell us a bit about The Sisters’ story? When did it all begin and what are the values?

Belinda Jackson: I felt for some time that there wasn’t an authentic wine brand for women – one that really got alongside and was empathetic and sincere … The whole point of the brand is to encourage women to acknowledge all the things they do – not just the big stuff. Going to work and getting a meal on the table for the family is an achievement! So, it’s about encouraging women to acknowledge and celebrate the everyday achievements, especially with our girlfriends who often seem to fall to the bottom of the ‘to do’ list.

Why does the Linden Leaves Wellbeing Series with Good magazine resonate so well with The Sisters?

Because sometimes we just need to take time for us, and not feel guilty! We have crazy busy lives – we need this!

What can attendees look forward to from The Sisters at the upcoming Cambridge and Auckland events?

Just a little bit about us, what we stand for and why we believe it is important.

Can you tell us a bit about the wines? Where are they from? Where are they made?

The brand is owned by Lawson’s Dry Hills, a well-known multi-award-winning producer in Marlborough. The wines are made at Lawson’s Dry Hills with fruit from our own vineyards and a few select growers. We make Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, Pinot Rose and Pinot Noir. The wines are fruit-driven and delicious – they are almost dry – just a tiny hint of fruit sweetness from the ripe grapes. They can be enjoyed as a lovely glass of wine on their own or partnered with any number of dishes.

What’s next for The Sisters?

To continue growing the brand here in New Zealand and, hopefully, overseas. My long-term vision is for every purchase of a bottle of The Sisters, 50c is donated to Dress for Success. This will facilitate the notion of women helping other women. Dress for Success is a global charity that helps women return to the workforce after very difficult and challenging periods of their lives.

What’s one piece of advice The Sisters would give to Good readers?

Take a moment to reflect on everything you achieve, and encourage your girlfriends to do the same. We’re always being pressured to do more and be more, but, in fact, we’re already doing so much! Let’s take the time to share a glass of wine and feel good about it.

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