Kiwis willing to pay more for a healthy breakfast

Heading out for breakfast? A new survey suggests you’ll be willing to pay more if it’s healthy. 

The nutritional value of a breakfast cereal is more important to New Zealanders than what it costs, according to the recent Great Kiwi Cereal survey. It indicated that more than half of Kiwis (56 per cent) rate what’s in their cereal as the most important factor when they are choosing what to buy for breakfast.

Taste was the next most important consideration, with 37 per cent of those surveyed saying this is what influences their cereal choice, with price a distant third in the ranks, with only seven per cent of respondents saying they make their pick based on the cost of the product.

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New Zealand muesli manufacturer Te Atatu Toasted conducted the survey, with company founder Clare Robinson gratified to see Kiwis becoming more aware of what is in their food and making decisions based on what is good for their health.

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and you should be able to recognise all the ingredients in the cereal your family eats.

“We’ve been doing tastings of our products in stores since we launched three years ago and I’ve definitely noticed that people are becoming more ingredient savvy and asking more questions about what we put in our cereals.

“I’ve worked in the food industry for more than 20 years and I’ve seen a move away from making real food to making profitable low-cost, low-nutritional food. But customers are waking up to this and are becoming much less trusting of big food manufacturers, especially with the publicity around products that are pumped full of sugar and highly refined ingredients because it makes them cheaper to produce.”

Clare launched Te Atatu Toasted because she wants to lead the charge back to making and eating real food and is passionate about giving New Zealanders a “real” breakfast that will fuel their day.

“It’s fantastic to see people realising how important this is and putting their trust in local food manufacturers.”

More than 300 respondents completed The Great Kiwi Cereal Survey between August 25 and September 2, 2016.

Te Atatu Toasted produces a range of three mueslis, Original Blend, Healthy Blend and Gluten-Free Muesli, and Coco-Crunchies breakfast cereal. All Te Atatu Toasted products are handmade in New Zealand and are available from selected stockists or online at teatatutoasted.co.nz

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