I tried a food box service: here’s what I thought

Hello Fresh

I’ve always been a foodie. I love creating new meals and trying new cuisines. When I had the opportunity to try HelloFresh for free, I jumped at the chance. The thought of three new meals I could cook with ingredients I had never used before was exciting. Many of my colleagues use a food box service, and I’ve always wanted to try it out.

On day one it was like a present had been delivered to my door. A box full of nutritional goodies was exactly what I needed after two months of quarantine snacks. My stomach was ready for some real nutrition.


HelloFresh’s packaging can be recycled, and cut down the amount of packaging I would usually be left with. It also minimised my food waste. New Zealanders throw out around $1.17 billion worth of food every year and food bag services like HelloFresh are doing their part to solve this problem. They also donate any surplus stock to organisations like Foodbank

Interestingly, Hello Fresh’s farm to table process is far shorter than the one used to get food into your trolley at the supermarket. HelloFresh works directly with farmers to cut out the transportation of food that is usually required by large companies. This also means they prioritise seasonal ingredients in order to avoid using chillers to preserve foods. 

How did it taste?

Now, the real hitter. Was the food actually good? Oh my gosh, yes. The meals were so well balanced in terms of the carbohydrate, protein, and fat ratio, but also in texture. The meals I had were the Thai-Style Pork Stir Fry, Chermoula Chicken, and Sichuan Garlic Beef Tacos. All three of my meals included a variety of textures, like crispy onions, chopped peanuts, or crusted chicken breast.

Hello Fresh
Thai-Style Pork Stir Fry - HelloFresh

The stir-fry definitely catered to my takeaway cravings. It was packed full of Thai flavours that made my heart sing. The beans in the image were subbed out for fresh broccoli due to seasonality and availability of particular foods this time of year.

Hello Fresh
Sichuan Garlic Beef Tacos – HelloFresh

My favourite dish of the week were the tacos. They were simple to make and tasted amazing. There were loads of fresh vegetables involved which made me feel like I was really taking care of my body. This meal deserves a 10/10.

Hello Fresh
Chermoula Chicken – HelloFresh

Finally, the chicken meal was a joy to eat and the leftovers still tasted great the next day when reheated at work. The risoni and roast vegetables made for a perfect winter dinner. Again one vegetable was substituted, the courgette was swapped out for carrot but the dish was still fantastic.

In my opinion, if you are an individual, group of flatmates or family that is okay with spending a little more than average on your groceries, then the convenience and quality of HelloFresh will work great for you. The box I received came with three meals with four servings each, has a price of $120. There is great value for busy people who want to eat well but are overwhelmed with work and life!

If you want to give HelloFresh a try, head to their website. Please note that the HelloFresh meals were gifted to the writer.

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