Good As Gold talks all things Veja sneakers & mindful brands to know

We spoke to family-owned & independent fashion and streetwear store Good As Gold about all things Veja footwear and their carefully curated mindful edit.

Who/what is Good as Gold? 

Good As Gold is a family-owned, independent multi-brand fashion and streetwear store in Wellington, bringing together the best brands from around the globe to present a unique, curated selection of goods. 

Since 2004, we have worked hard to create a hub for the creative community around us. Whether it is parties, exhibitions or collaborations, we’re proud that Good As Gold brings fun and like-minded people together to share and enjoy cool and creative stuff.

Tell us the story behind retailing Veja sneakers?

We have stocked Veja sneakers at Good As Gold since 2016. Veja refreshed the footwear market with an entirely different approach in so many ways. It was exciting to see! 

Providing a genuinely sustainable footwear option for our customers was a no-brainer and, of course, something we wanted to support. Vejas are also super good looking shoes with so many classic options!

From the selection of raw materials to when you try a pair of Veja on in the shop, every step of the production process is considered – the highest level of ethical standards are never compromised. 

Many people think Veja is a new brand as it has gained so much visibility and traction along with the sustainability movement in the last few years, but they are 16 years old! The same age as us. We have stocked them for 5 of those 16 years, and even within that time, it’s clear that they are leading the way in sustainable footwear and have helped create a ripple effect for other brands and the way consumers think. They have proved that creating sustainable footwear for an affordable price is possible.

How did Good As Gold’s Mindful Edit come about?

Sustainability has become an essential requirement for us and many of our customers when choosing a new shirt or pair of shoes, even down to a couple of socks! 

People want to know information about how products are made, and this information is a deciding factor. So with that, it was a natural progression when building the new website that we included a mindful collection.

The list of mindful attributes are long, and the degrees do differ. Sustainability can manifest in many ways like fair working conditions, recycled materials, locally made products or low waste production. We try to provide as much information as we can about our brands and products and will continue improving this information and growing our mindful brand selection.

What are your most popular products from the mindful collection?

Veja Campos and V10s. New Balance made in the USA products, reusable Baggu bags, and the new Ecollection Bags have been going well, and the knits and puff jackets from Paloma Wool never stick around long.

Can you tell us about other Good As Gold-stocked-brands with a sustainable focus?

Kowtow is a Wellington-based brand that has combined its love for the planet and fashion into something extraordinary. There are so many reasons to respect what they do, and we’re proud to have stocked Kowtow since they began in 2006.

Abel, which is also based in Wellington – creating 100% natural, unisex perfumes.

Patagonia – Since its inception in 1973, Patagonia’s founder Yvon Chouinard has ensured its commitment to environmental conservation has remained at the forefront of its mission. The products are top quality, and they have made such a massive impact on the industry.

Simple – OG skate shoes from California. A family-owned and operated business. Their goal is well, simple; to create an alternative to the over-built, over-designed products out there using recycled materials and manufactured responsibly.

Paloma Wool – Barcelona based Paloma Wool has been making big waves globally with its fun and inclusive fashion, and our GAG customer loves It too! Key to the brand is supporting local production, sustainable manufacturing, responsible consumption, and the introduction of advanced materials and production methods that work actively towards change in the environmental impacts of the fashion industry.

Find out more at goodasgoldshop.com.

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