5 ideas to make sex great during menopause

  1. Understand your own desire. It’s hard to ask for what you want if you don’t know what turns you on. Spend some time exploring your own body and mind – remember the brain is the biggest sex organ – to learn what gives you pleasure. You might surprise yourself.
  2. Take care of you. If you’re not feeling good in your body, it’ll be harder to have good sex. Looking after your body with nourishing food and exercise has many benefits, including feeling sexier.
  3. Do your own thing. Spending time without your partner on activities that make you happy – whether it’s a beach walk or an outing with friends – is energising and relaxing. You’ll create anticipation and bring that energy back to your partner.
  4. Play. Sex is meant to be fun! Spend time playing – both solo and with your partner – with toys or without. If you haven’t explored what’s new in vibrators, it’s well worth experimenting; they’ve come a long way.
  5. Speak up. Conversations about sex are hard to start, but well worth having, and they’re key to changing things up. And then: keep the communication going!
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