We all have the ability to adjust our mindsets so that we can feel happier right now, writes Rachel Grunwell Words Rachel Grunwell. Illustration Janelle Barone, Makers MGMT It’s common to think we will be happier once we have X amount of money, get married, pay off

Good's psycholoy expert Dr Alice Boyes talks about the benefits of mindlessness Words Dr Alice Boyes. Illustration Janelle Barone, Makers MGMT Mindfulness gets a lot of positive attention. However, we spend about 50 per cent of our time being mindless – letting our thoughts drift away from

The future lies in personalising your diet, says Good's nutrition columnist Ben Warren Words Ben Warren. Illustration Janelle Barone, Makers MGMT I think fad diets will be around for a while yet, and they do help people change their eating habits (when it comes to rethinking your diet,

If you’re bored with your furniture, adding castor wheels is a fun and functional way to give things a lift. Words and styling Sarah Heeringa. Photography Amanda Reelick Attaching wheels to the bottom of an everyday, or otherwise unremarkable, piece of furniture is an easy DIY craft

A cruise around the Galápagos Islands reveals the spectacular flora and fauna of this fragile, far-flung archipelago in the Pacific.     Words and photography Natasha Dragun As I dip my snorkel below the surface of the impossibly blue sea, a flurry of purple angelfish zip past, churning

What we eat affects how well we function and it all starts with the brain. Certain foods help produce neurotransmitters, which are the brain chemicals that communicate information throughout our brain and body. Here’s a breakdown of the key neurotransmitters to know about, and what

Direct from London, Auckland Museum presents the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition from July 7.  Hero image: Golden Relic by Dhyey Shah (India) / Wildlife Photographer of the Year.  Grub Time, Kim Hui Yu (Malaysia) / Wildlife Photographer of the Year.  Auckland Museum is delighted to exclusively bring

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