For most of us, chocolate is another word for indulgence. We take a closer look at the beloved cocoa bean.  It’s our favourite sweet treat, afternoon pick-me-up or late-night indulgence. Even better, experts tell us that getting our dark chocolate fix is not only good for the heart,

New Zealand might have missed out on lakes of oil or mountains of diamonds, but there’s one natural resource we have by the bale load. Wool is one of the world’s oldest textiles as well as one of the most sustainable. Deirdre Coleman investigates the

As each school morning rolls around we’re faced with the same dilemma – what to put in the kids’ lunch boxes. Here are 15 ideas for smart, healthy and litterless lunches A litterless lunch means once lunch is eaten, the only things left are compostable items,

When Sharad Paul told his friends he was opening a bookshop they wondered how he would find the time. Like the shelves of his Auckland store Baci, Sharad’s life is full of variety and packed to the rafters. Words Sophie Bond He’s a surgeon and novelist with

The future of modern building looks modular Words Sophie Bond There’s more than one way to build a house, and not everyone wants to grapple with the uncertain cost and complications of a new build. One solution is modular housing. Sophie Bond investigates Prefabricated housing may conjure up

The peaceful environment of Manawa Ridge, near Waihi, is truly inspiring—and so are its owners, who built the mud-brick and straw-bale retreat by hand. Annabel McAleer visits their adobe dream house Words Annabel McAleer. Photographs Elton McAleer. Carla van de Veen believes there’s something special about the

As you watch water gurgle down your sink, shower or tub, you've probably thought about reusing in the garden or to flush the toilet. But beware: environmental health professionals advise caution. Words Andy Kenworthy As you watch water gurgle down the drain from your sink, shower, bathtub

Most of us spend our weekdays at work, but at what cost to our health and happiness? Here's how to make quick, cheap and effective changes to your work environment that'll help make you and your colleagues happier, healthier, greener and more productive. Photo: Jeff Brass

Can a birthday party be a memorable celebration of another year in your child’s life without turning into a wasteland of cheap plastic, rubbish food and wanton commercialism? Party veteran Sarah Heeringa offers 22 tips for hosting great green parties for kids of all ages.  Sarah Heeringa. Sylists

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