First catch your rabbit or wild duck, gather some herbs and go wandering across the fields for mushrooms before slow-cooking this delicious midwinter feast for six or more. Devils on Horseback These kitschy 1970s party snacks are so easy and delicious they’re worth reviving. juice of one orange 24

For some of us, eating ice-cream is the go-to strategy for being kind to ourselves. Alice Boyes suggests ten better options. 1. Nurture your dreams  Being kind to yourself involves allowing yourself to pursue the things you yearn for. Comedian Bill Cosby gives some of the best advice

Make the most of special times with family and friends by serving up platters whipped together in a flash, using pantry staples and tasty treats. Recipe Claire Aldous. Photography Amanda Reelick. Food Sarah Heeringa and Susan Wood. Styling Rebekah White Crostini slices of sourdough bread or baguette olive oil 1 clove

Ten must-have oils for good health and great skin Words Annabel McAleer. In a grungy student flat in the mid-90s, I was brainwashed by a bleach-blonde nutritionist. Her name was Susan Powter and her clarion call shrieked from the television: “Stop the insanity!” Fat was our enemy.

Eco expert Andy Kenworthy reveals what you need to know before you hit the shops Eco expert Andy Kenworthy reveals what you need to know before you hit the shops Why we love wood Wood can be one of the most eco-friendly materials to build with. As

Interior stylist Selina Lake shows how to give homespun style a modern twist for a look that’s quirky, colourful and gloriously eclectic. Homespun style is very now. It reflects our growing love of craft and creativity – and our discovery that objects made by talented craftspeople,

Striking the right balance between a busy and a simple life isn’t necessarily about doing or having less. Here’s a personal plan to tip the scales more in your favour Photography by Tony Brownjohn Declutter your day Routines matter. The things we do regularly don’t just define what

Far from being abandoned relics, our fleet of coastal shipwrecks is teeming with life. Keen diver Hazel Phillips reveals how to see it for yourself. Imagine a huge shipwreck off the coast of New Zealand. What immediately comes to mind? Probably the Rena, which has been

Unless you take great care to avoid it, you’ll almost certainly eat something containing soy today. Questions about soy’s safety are becoming relevant to us all My first encounter with a soya bean was a tentative, slightly embarrassed exploration of a soggy, salty edamame pod in

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