Winter beauty: your questions answered

Good spoke to Deborah Sampson, global brand specialist of natural skincare company Antipodes about common winter beauty ailments and the solutions 

What is a common skin ailment that you find customers want to treat in the winter months? 

Winter can play havoc with our skins overall condition.  Humidity decreases, cold temperatures and winds increase and this in itself can cause our skin to lose essential oil moisture and water hydration, which can leave our skin feeling mildly tight and uncomfortable or extremely dry, rough, red and irritated. Many of us are guilty of aggravating this further, by the temptation of increasing the temperature and duration of our hot showers and baths to warm up, and unfortunately this is also a key culprit in causing unhappy winter skin.

Our skin tends to become drier in the winter months – as does our lips. What is the best product you can recommend for this? 

All of this can leave our lips and hands feeling dry, chapped and sometimes even cracking. To heal and protect my lips and hands year round I personally keep my Antipodes Saviour Skin Balm with me at all times.

Serums can be rich in antioxidants, target specific skin conditions and provide an extra boost for dehydrated and dry skin.

What is a recurring mistake or step people forget to make when it comes to their daily skincare routine?

Not reading the label.  Not knowing what’s in your cleanser and moisturiser etc.buy high-end exfoliating products and moisturizers, but don’t pay attention to what’s actually in them. Choose products with the least amount of chemicals,

Do you still recommend using an SPF product during winter? And which one would that be? 

Year round it is important to use high quality, low irritant skincare and a moisturizer with an SPF.  It is even more vital in winter, as the external environmental aggressors naturally aggrevate and deplete the skin.  I personally prefer to use a natural SPF moisturiser that contains zinc oxide.

Serums are becoming a must-have skincare product of late – with the industry buzzing over them. Why are they so important? 

Serums can be rich in antioxidants, target specific skin conditions and provide an extra boost for dehydrated and dry skin.

Do you recommend using a water based serum or an oil based serum? 

Antipodes® water and oil-based serums have been designed to be used in conjunction with one another.  Water-based serums are applied first after cleansing and an oil-based serum goes on after the water-based serum, to seal in moisture.

Which kind of product do you recommend the most for sensitive skin?

I suggest a routine of low irritating products, without the use of harsh synthetic ingredients including drying sulphates, artificial colours and fragrances, instead using skincare that is brimming with skin loving moisture, nutrients and with proven results.

What is your recommended daily skincare regime? 

Cleanse, hydrate with a toner, daily serum (oil and water based) then moisturiser to lock in the moisture.

Why is seeking products that are derived only from natural ingredients and sources so important? 

There is a strong awareness of good healthy lifestyles, and the benefits of natural skincare is now well known. Premium natural and organic skincare not only allows you to get as close to nature as possible, but brands such as Antipodes are bringing to the market scientific validation also. 

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