Back to work guide

Feeling less than enthused about heading back into work? Here are some fresh ideas to inspire you for the year ahead.

Adding a little whimsy to the workplace

Who says the work environment needs to be sterile? The space you work in has a big impact on your general mood and productivity, so before you settle into the new working year, take a look around and consider what changes or improvements might be made. Perhaps you can add some wall art or plants to liven up your workspace. See our feature on building your own living walls here. 

How to deal with a tricky boss

Is a horrible boss threatening to ruin your working life? Dr Mary Casey, Australian psychologist and boss of the Casey Centre, offers some expert tips. Think manage rather than modify, she says, and focus on dealing with the problem person’s difficult behaviour rather than trying to change their personality. But in some instances, you need to be prepared to leave the workplace, says Casey. If you’re tearing your hair out after many attempts to improve things, it may be best to move on. Weigh up whether the effects on your health, your emotional state and your personal life are worth staying in the job for.

 Celebrate big and small moments of accomplishment with your colleagues. Sharing the joy multiplies it.

6 tips for finding more joy at work

1. Write down your longterm personal and work-related goals and commit to reading them from time to time.
2. Decide to be positive. Smiling takes fewer muscles than frowning and is contagious. Workplace moaners are a drag but laughter can be liberating.
3. Bring an entrepreneurial spirit to your work. You don’t have to be a stakeholder to imagine starting a project that will improve your current job, workplace or community.
4. Discuss the idea with others to see if they’re feeling the same way. Explain it is an experiment that will benefit others.
5. Enlist others in the quest and find every supporter a task, however small. Show that you’re working for their goals, too. Incorporate feedback so that others hear their ideas in yours.
6. Celebrate big and small moments of accomplishment with your colleagues. Sharing the joy multiplies it.
Source: Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Harvard Business School

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