In pursuit of liquid gold

Good magazine talked to the team at Watson and Son honey about all things liquid gold, and what a typical day looks like for them. 

What’s a typical day for workers at Watson and Son HQ?

Watson & Son operate over 50,000 hives. By far the largest individual producer in New Zealand. There is no one typical day. Wintering is maintenance and tending to hive health and planting Manuka seedlings. As soon as the Harvest season starts many multi faceted pieces of the organisation come into play. Helicopters, hive transport, honey collection and extraction. From there on there is production of the finished honey in a jar. The World’s Finest premium Manuka honey.

What is the relationship between Watson and Son honey and ManukaMed? Founder Denis is a scientist – is he still heavily involved with the research side of things?

Denis remains at the forefront of Manuka medical research and functional food studies. He heads a considerable scientific team. ManukaMed specialize in advanced wound care dressings impregnated with Manuka Honey. Watson & Son produce and supply all the medical grade manuka used in these dressings.

What is the terrain like to work with sourcing Watson and Sons honey?

Stunning, vast, remote and potentially treacherous. Little or no roads and often helicopters are the only form of transport fit for the job.

There’s obviously been a lot of issues with counterfit Manuka honey and subsequent products around the world. What are your thoughts on the regulations and strict guidelines around the Manuka honey certification process the MPI today?

Control is improving. The MPI and the industry work closely and continued improvement is required. We are all working to this end. We are very strict on what we do and who we supply. We are very protective of our Manuka and endeavour to only supply companies of the highest integrity. We have a number of anti counterfit measures in place and are confident of our brand security.

For more, see watsonandson.co.nz

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