The Virtue releases intoxicating new incense collection 

The Virtue’s collection of decadent fine fragrances adds a touch of aromatic excellence to our daily lives.

Demand has increased exponentially for their home fragrance range over recent months and now adding to their coveted soy wax candles and exquisite room sprays, their new charcoal incense collection is re-writing what incense has meant for many of us.

“We want to elevate the perception of incense, releasing those childhood or teenage memories of overwhelming white sage, and inviting lovers of home fragrance to usher in a new, modern take on incense, that creates a type of exquisite ritual, elevating our existence in and around our home” explains Brooke Lean, founder of The Virtue. 

The Virtue’s hand-rolled pure charcoal sticks are made in the United States and are then steeped by hand in their signature fragrance oils at her store in New Plymouth.

It took about a year to perfect the levels for each fragrance, burning them and meticulously adjusting the intensity of the oils to see how the fragrance merged and dispersed with the smoke of the charcoal. Eventually finding the perfect balance of delicate scent with the Virtue’s signature and authentic potency.


“The Virtue incense is a modern, elevated take, on a classic ritual” Brooke Lean 

Having done a soft launch of the incense last year in smaller sample packs, it has quickly become one of her best sellers in store. Lean attributes this to spending more time at home due to the pandemic, and an increased focus around creating calming rituals in our daily lives during a time of chaos. For some, incense is as important as background music as it deepens our attention to life, heightens our senses and uplifts the spirit.

“There is a real trend towards introducing small luxuries every day that incite joy and burning incense in and around the home is certainly one of those beautiful yet very simple luxuries” explains Lean. 

Incense reminds us, that no matter how busy we become, we can ground ourselves firmly in the present, creating moments of peace with a small ritual, a scent that can bring you home, that can subconsciously communicate with your central nervous system and let it know that it’s time to release, relax and unwind now. 

How to keep safe while you burn one down: 

When asked how to best enjoy her incense, Brooke Lean cheekily explains the following… 

“Take a deep breath, ensure your pets and children cannot find you. Clear space away from any dangling trinkets, curtains, or other flammable objects. 

Light your incense much like an old-fashioned cigarette, gently blow out the flame to release our smoky scent. Take another deep breath, repeat 50 times. I suggest for first time users pop it nearby outside in a pot plant, or indoors keep your window and doors open and let it dance on the breeze throughout your home”. 

Lean adds that her incense de jour presently is Castro; “It’s a smooth operator. I like watching the smoke and smelling the rum” she muses. “Also 1987, it’s so elegant, and I love the juxtaposition of the white florals being dirtied up with the charcoal smoke, it takes me to a high-end Indonesian day spa every time”. 

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