The do’s and don’ts of exfoliation

Biologi’s education and training specialist Allison Ware shares her dos and don’t with exfoliation.

Everyone knows that exfoliation should be an essential part of their skincare regime, however it is a practice that can be rife with confusion.

We know that regular exfoliation is paramount for healthy cellular turnover, however, exfoliating in the wrong way can harm cells leading to long-term skin damage.

That said though, the risk of exfoliating the wrong way shouldn’t mean that you avoid exfoliation completely. To help clear up any confusion, we chat to Biologi’s education and training specialist Allison Ware. 

Why do we need to exfoliate?

Exfoliation is an integral part of almost everyone’s skincare routine as it enables us to encourage healthy cellular turnover.

Regular exfoliation supports cellular turnover by removing dead skin cells from the outer layers of the skin.

It’s an essential part of skincare required to keep skin healthy and leave your complexion smooth and bright.

But, exfoliate too much, or with the wrong products, and you’re likely to end up with irritated skin that’s red, blotchy and sensitive.

There are also some skins that should NOT exfoliate – Impaired barrier function, anyone on medication like Roaccutane, any skin that is red or inflamed.

What can exfoliation help with?

Exfoliation is an essential step in a skincare routine for the following reasons:

Reducing breakouts: While exfoliating skin that is experiencing painful breakouts seems like the last thing you should do, there is a middle ground that can help. Gently sweeping away excess oil, dirt and dead skin cells can remove the particles that cause spots, thus minimising the risk of future breakouts.

Reducing the signs of ageing: Unfortunately, exfoliation doesn’t necessarily stall the ageing process, but removing the dry skin cells will leave complexion looking smoother and more even. What’s more, makeup will apply more evenly, covering dark circles and fine lines easier.

Glowing complexion: A build-up of dead skin cells can make the complexion appear dry, dull, and lifeless. Removing these cells leaves fresher, brighter, and healthier cells visible leading to a glowing complexion.

Promoting an even skin tone: Cells that have been exposed to the sun can become patchy and uneven through pigmentation or sunspots. Regular exfoliation helps to reduce these imperfections leading to an even skin tone.

Increasing the efficiency of products: By clearing the pores, the active ingredients in skincare serums can penetrate further into the skin’s layers. By the time those skin cells reach the surface, the products have been working for longer to create a stronger, healthier appearance.


To exfoliate your skin in the kindest way, here are the do’s and don’ts for healthy exfoliation.

Do use a gentle exfoliant

Enzyme exfoliants and granular exfoliants like Biologi’s new Bx Reveal Exfoliant work differently to manual exfoliants.

Instead of removing the cells from the skin’s outer layers, they break down the protein which creates the dead cells. Most gentle exfoliants don’t directly remove cells, so therefore they won’t risk harming healthy skin cells in any way.

Don’t exfoliate damaged skin

If your skin is irritated, sensitised, or damaged in any way, wait for this to heal before using an exfoliant. Even the gentlest of manual scrubs can damage broken skin causing pain and taking longer to repair.

Don’t exfoliate too often

Depending on the condition of your skin, we recommend approximately twice a week. Any more than that and you risk irritating healthy cells and stripping the natural oils causing dryness that can further damage the skin.

Do use an exfoliant mask

Applying a mask rather than mechanically scrubbing cells away helps remove dead skin cells gently and without causing irritation or tearing healthy cells.

Choose the right mask and your cells may also be treated to a nourishing infusion of restorative ingredients. Biologi’s Bx Reveal Exfoliant combined with the award winning Bc Refresh Cleanser makes for the perfect exfoliating mask that can be left on for a few minutes to reveal silky smooth skin. ⁠

Bx Reveal Exfoliant contains the combination of powerful plant phyto-active powders derived from Kakadu Plum and Rice.

They have been specifically combined to create an active but soft textured exfoliant powder. Used with the Bc Refresh Cleanser, the Bx Reveal Exfoliant creates a triple action formula, designed to have a positive effect on the skin by buffing, polishing and smoothing the skin.

Do apply a serum afterwards

At Biologi, recommend regular exfoliation using a gentle exfoliant, combined with daily use of a skin loving serum like Biologi’s Bd Luminosity Serum.

Rich in tartaric acid, the Davidson plum extract naturally breaks down the protein bonds that stop dead skin cells from dropping away. This helps regulate oil flow which promotes healthy cell turnover.

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