Driven by a deep passion for the environment and the great outdoors, Koa Organics Skincare founder Michelle Brittain embarked on a mission to craft naturally inspired skincare products that are 100 per cent pure and organic. Using soothing magnesium body formulations and a range of

Photography Tony Nyberg Location Eastwest.co.nz Yoga is great for clearing the mind and improving body circulation, flexibility and spine health. It’s a practice Sophie Correia of Crossing Paths feels fortunate enough to have discovered at school, where she used it as a stress release. “I’m a typical overthinker,”

Neuroscientists are unanimous in their opinion that yoga nidra can improve our ability to cope with stress and promote mental health. But how exactly does “yogic sleep” work? The profound effects of yoga nidra have been intriguing scientists for decades and by now there is a

Words Nikki Addison When the Covid-19 pandemic struck in 2020 plunging New Zealand into nationwide lockdown, many of us abruptly found ourselves with a lot more time on our hands. To stay busy, we engaged in a myriad of activities. We baked, we knitted, we streamed,

Yoga instructor Danica Jones and cyclist Nick Tunnell have combined their passions to create pop-up toga delivery service Bikes & Bends, which is doing great things. Danica Jones and Nick Tunnell are living the dream, with one foot in Auckland and the other in Raglan. They’re

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